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Daily Archives: December 21st, 2007

today I found an article about innovating economical politics concerning the Burgenland by Erich Engelbrecht titled ” Forced Innovation – The Burgenland Case “. living in the region I can agree from experience with a lot of his opinions & as artist I even feel free to say the economical political sight could be shifted 1:1 to the cultural politics there.

to my opinion even culture should be, better: must be an innovating force & not just state of mind. that´s here the lack of it: culture is just seen as a saleable commodity on the stage of an antiquated operette or the head of a dead composer, celebrated with a glass of excellent regional wine.

as response to the saying: you can lead a horse to water, but you can´t make it drink, I would continue: you can´t lead a horse away from a drain hole, cause it instinctively knows the way to innovating resources leads through deserted land.

– & most individuals avoid the desert.

but: some cultural adventurers are obviously prepared & ready to start an exploring expedition.

as representative examples see the links in article: die harfenspielerin , the model of an exhibition & following:


Andreas Roseneder 2006:  sketch of an imaginary stamp created as an independant contribution for the Austrian composer Joseph Haydn for the approaching year of celebration 2009