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Andreas Roseneder  Any (?) Whizzle  watercolours on paper,  Bermuda Islands 1999

ein manko an geeigneter infrastruktur zur allfaelligen kunstaeusserung kann man ja leicht als “poetischen naehrboden” bezeichnen; wie auch von “poetischem akt” sprechen, wenn man als bildender kuenstler in ermangelung eines reelen geeigneten werkraumes zur umsetzung einer aktuellen groessenwahnsinnigen idee in sein so genanntes “buchatelier”, sein ideen- & skizzenbuch, antritt. ja wirklich drin zu leben & arbeiten beginnt. auswege aus einer offenbaren misere stehen in der kunst mannigfaltig offen: dies sollte aber nicht als ausrede fuer jene gelten, die auch heutzutage noch darin das ideal der kuenstlerischen produktion sehen wie: je mehr der kuenstler im reelen leben am boden, desto eher die erwartung himmelsstuermender ideen. – darob ziehe mich jetzt auf die insel meines buchateliers zurueck.

Joop Lieverse

Andreas Roseneder    Hellenic Sun Shell,    interference acrylic on metal,  2010

Enjoying my recent stay on the island Ikaria in the Greek Pelagos I initially felt glad to have escaped daily information & scaring news on screens & papers. The soothing calm view out of the rent house in Faro/Fanari to the nearby island Fourni shaped on horizon made that emotionally more easy:

One day accompagning Paul (he runs the bar Fos Fanari on Faros´ beach) on his shopping-trips to main town Agios Kirikos  I was on looking for some workable round plates for my pictural ideas on interference acrylic technique under Hellenic sun –  always aware of  last media´s hot spots on Deepwater Horizon, this biological RoundUp on maritime environment. What I found here in Icaria´s landscape was more than mere information about tracks of human activity  amidst the Mexican Gulf or on the soils of Texas: the rusty upper shells of a modern amphora – the industrial oil-barrel.

I started my individual “archaeological” recherches…

…allways followed by ships & wrecks

Back at the bar Fos Fanari a native gave a helpful hint for better search at the local electricity power station

There I even found the vivid coloured pallette for my enterprise

– & finally saw them! – my plates!:

…got up to an imaginary studio on the terrace of the house on the beach…

there we all were in good mood

rolled over the beach

& opened a virtual exhibition

POSEidon I

Andreas Roseneder   Hellenic Inverted Sun, interference acrylic on metal, 2010

all plates you may particullary see here

– & have a comparing look at the esthetical view of American photographer Benjamin Lowy on DeepWaterHorizon´s far-reaching outcomes:  oil on water – the colours on oil surface remember me to the effects of the interfence acrylics I used on Ikaria!

Andreas Roseneder   the blue fruit patch interference acrylics on polyethylen 2010

Andreas Roseneder  the eggfruit globe buoy acrylics on canvas 2010

cutting red onions to prepare some Italian sugo for lunch today noon & destroying the concentric circles of the bulbs with my knife I recognized the necessarity to do some adds into the dark picture I had scetched  in acrylic colours some days before –  imaginating a terrific scene in the Gulf of Mexico

the onions jumped virtually (& visually) into the water:

to give rise to a malstrom in my painting bucket

Andreas Roseneder   the red bulb globe shell acrylics on canvas 2010

done that I put my knife – my beloved leatherman-super-tool – into my pocket & drove out to the next village: Mr. Leatherman himself signed men´s tools ( pardon, I did not catch sight of a woman but the saleswomen ) there on the occasion of the opening of a new Leatherman-store in Hof / Leithagebirge, Lower Austria. Mr. Tim Leatherman opened my tool & noticed after a short glimpse through his spectacles: ” It was born in August 1995″.  – “Oh, a lion, best bite”, I thought.

Mr. Timothy S. Leatherman signating one of “his” tools – oh no!,  – it´s “mine”!

why the hell I had the feeling I have ever missed a meeting with  Mr. Timothy F. Leary ?

Austrian viallage Thal in Styria – here the church St. Jakob – & nextby Schwarzenegger´s  box:

both targets of human tradition by adoration, translated into visual reality by a sacred & a profane building in neighbourhood. The old historical church of Thal adepted & styled by Austrian painter Ernst Fuchs. Nearby a plain box – filled with souvenirs of devotion for the  actor & Californian governour Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was born here. documents, photos, flags, letters, even cigars sent to the Major of Thal – incredibilities  callinging  back visitors´ mind to the native Arnold Schwarzenegger´s remembrance up to his successful life overseas.

concerning  double eagle, the headline of this post: viewing through my photos from last Sunday I could not help varying both sites out of chronological order:

Andreas Roseneder  the Coke patch (Ferenc Liszt patch) vinylic on poliethylen masterBatch 2009

Andreas Roseneder   the Georgia O´Keeffe patch vinylic on poliethylen masterBatch 2009

der bildende künstler schlägt einen spagat über teufelsaustreibung und zuckergussglasur: die ordentliche vermählung zweier konträrer parteien sozusagen, oder besser  gesagt: die gelungene verschmelzung zweier unterschiedlicher ausdrucksweisen zu einer einzigen kohärenten energie. –  dabei hellwach jeden moment darauf achtend, sich nicht in den ewigen streit der dualitäten mit schwarz-weiß-malereien verwickeln zu lassen

Andreas Roseneder   the red patch vinylic on poliethylen masterBatch 2009

portrait Georgia O´Keeffe after a photo by Alfred Stieglitz

Andreas Roseneder     Vitus´ Himmel-Höllen-Fahrt     watercolours on French Canson  150x90cm, 1995

this twin-garden-gnomes may stand as daily (!) unnoticed memorial of  9/11 in our civil lifes

Andreas Roseneder      autumn balloon        aqua brique on canvas, 110x130cm 

today I did not smash pumpkins  as it may appear on that image. I just inhaled the colours of autumn & let their language & speech settle down on the canvas. seen through my pupil to my hand   for some prospective. – anybody arround me was interested in –  I think the intense natural coulours of nature suffice to everybody´s satisfaction without artificial change at the moment. but art may let take a second view.




…HADJOQDJA (Skin Man) said, “DADYOEnDZADÁSES (Wolf) lives in that house over there, Every day he goes around the world. He catches and kills people, brings them home and eats them. He has three sisters, who live in the house with him. They are great witches. Each day they cook human flesh and pounded green corn, for Wolf will eat nothing else. The sisters spend most of their time driving elk out of this field. Neither Wolf nor his sisters have hearts in their bodies. No one can kill them, for their lives are in another place. In a corner of the house is a couch, under the couch is a lake, on that lake a loon is swimming around, under the right wing of the loon are four hearts. The largest heart is Wolf’s, the second largest belongs to the eldest sister, the smallest belongs to the youngest sister. If you pinch one of those hearts its owner will fall to the ground, If you crush it its owner will die.”…

source:  The Internet Sacred Text Archive / Seneca Indian Myths


complete legend: Wolf and the Old Woman´s Grandson