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today I found an article about innovating economical politics concerning the Burgenland by Erich Engelbrecht titled ” Forced Innovation – The Burgenland Case “. living in the region I can agree from experience with a lot of his opinions & as artist I even feel free to say the economical political sight could be shifted 1:1 to the cultural politics there.

to my opinion even culture should be, better: must be an innovating force & not just state of mind. that´s here the lack of it: culture is just seen as a saleable commodity on the stage of an antiquated operette or the head of a dead composer, celebrated with a glass of excellent regional wine.

as response to the saying: you can lead a horse to water, but you can´t make it drink, I would continue: you can´t lead a horse away from a drain hole, cause it instinctively knows the way to innovating resources leads through deserted land.

– & most individuals avoid the desert.

but: some cultural adventurers are obviously prepared & ready to start an exploring expedition.

as representative examples see the links in article: die harfenspielerin , the model of an exhibition & following:


Andreas Roseneder 2006:  sketch of an imaginary stamp created as an independant contribution for the Austrian composer Joseph Haydn for the approaching year of celebration 2009


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  1. By who cares? « poesis & crisis on 08 Jan 2008 at 1:31 pm

    […] Posted in Austria, Burgenland, Central Europe Revisited, Eisenstadt, Europa, Kunst, Raum, Ton, USA, animation, art, blogart, chance to change, dollar, jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf, klang, konfrontationen, kultur in nöten, music, new year 2008, performances, photo, politics, sound, space, tradition my favorit colour as painter is actually green – as you learned the articles below if you have read them. the photo now has nothing to do with painting but presents a coloured & turned traffic sign you should normally know (if you are old enough & allowed to drive a car). do a click on it & see there is not just art presented on canvas in troubles here in this region. again. – but who cares? – is here any audience? […]

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