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Daily Archives: December 7th, 2007


I am surrounded by books, walled in written words bounded in spines, still gazing into this viewing screen. I am concentrated & the words appear although my English is moderate. I am an addict. I have stopped drinking, smoking, snuffing & fucking around but this blogline holds me to the desk. & this is the confession of an author of words who is unqualified to sell his words. but this is not his waste-paper basket.

here could be the beginning of an effort to create something new by words. you may call it blogstory, blognovel or better: blog.txt. it will be hard for you to follow this exhausting experiment, because my language will change, but I think you will not be asked too much in these overburdening times.

in future you will find the continuing blog.txt by using the tab “ tBP” (tau beta pi) next  “about”.  caution! – I awake with my mother tongue!