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Andreas Roseneder kunstbluete  / art blossom black gesso, acrylic & interference acrylic on polyethylene patches

Andreas Roseneder kunstblueten / art blossoms, acrylic & interference acrylic on polyethylene patch


  1. These are beautiful, and they remind me of when I used to experiment with “HOT Glue” but these larger scale items are better fiestas for the eye. I would like to see you do a portrait using this technique.

    • It´s been a problem to paint with conventional artist´s colours on polyethylen with its sleek surface. my first attempt with vinylic colours was a terrible failure, the colour bubbled & defoliated – acrylic worked better, but best was to prepare the surfaces with different hard gessos. – & one circumstance complicated my tests: I wanted to place my patches outside in nature, make them resistable to sun, rain & ice – that´s the reason I even use interference colours. a lot of my first portraits got lost testing that – for instance my famous Haydn-portrait on the blue patch does not exist any more- & I´m still working on that challenge

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