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Monthly Archives: February 2011

these horrible cold days – but now sun sends some warm rays earlier to enlighten man´s environment to take him forward to more time by some forelock – what for?:


to let  beat his own heart aching in a container nearby?

–  to dismember his own wide streched visons?

to scatter his inborn dreams…

… to let them wind out to spotted reality?…

… or to flatten his dreams on glazed tiled surfaces?

– NO!


Kasim Akar:  his hand feeds a supplied function for polyethylene masterBatches – & my first inspiration to “patch”

his speed in feeding forms “the patch” too

what is a patch? – read & see on my website here:    ©

& to go further in information about see blog post: rhizome & patch

my aim today: to form the warm patch with hands in several minutes to bodies – NO – to let them burst to blossoms

–  to clear away all doubts about –
&  to baptize “the patches”  to further on so-called “art blossoms”

–  you soon will see more on this blog!

the special stamp “200th Anniversary of the Birth of Franz Liszt”  (first day of issue 29.01.2011, artwork:  Silvia Moucka) ennobles with first-day-of-issue-postmark a special postcard edited by Austrian philatelists (initiated by Dr. Herbert Simon) – showing my watercoloured hommage to Henri Lehmann´s portrait of Franz Liszt painted in 1839

“This power to subjugate, to uplift, to carry & let fall an audience, is a power that is not be encountered to such a high degree in any other artist with the exeption of Paganini. However, what is most difficult is to speak about this art itself. It is no longer the playing of the piano in this or that manner, but rather the expression of an audacious character altogether whose fate it is to dominate, to prevail, instead of being the perilous tool of the peaceful in art” – Robert Schuman marveling about Franz Liszt

Manu Papez-Malkovsky & Axl Litschke in front of the pink raised hide – distinctive sign of the Werkstatt Murberg near Graz, Austria

artists Andreas Roseneder, Manu Papez-Malkovsky & Axl Litschke preparing last friday a paint-performance within the scope of the Austrian artclub Werkstatt Murberg´s presentation of the year-2011- program

video: paintperformance

more photos & information about in German: Murberger MalWerkstatt

Am 11. Februar 2011 lud der Kunstverein Werkstatt Murberg zur Präsentation des kommenden Kurs- u. Veranstaltungsprogramms. Der Bogen spannt sich 2011 von einer anspruchsvollen Bildungsreihe im Bereich Malerei, über verschiedene Keramikkurse, einem Kurzfilmprojekt, einem Fotografieworkshop, bis hin zu zahlreichen und ausgesuchten Konzertveranstaltungen. Ebenso steht eine Kunstwanderung um Enzelsdorf und einer Serie von Kabarettabenden auf der Agenda. Beginn: 17:00 Uhr Dauer offizieller Teil: ca. 60 min. • Programmpräsentation 2011 der Werkstatt Murberg • Vorstellung der Murberger MalWerkstatt 2011 • Malperformance Axl Litschke, Manuela Papez-Malkovsky und Andreas Roseneder, Percussionsbegleitung Sabine Feichtinger • Vernissage Branko Lenart (Fotografie) Im Anschluss wurde unter angenehmer musikalischer Untermalung durch Steff Kotter (Piano) Gelegenheit für gedanklichen Austausch gegeben, sowie die Leute kennen zu lernen, die hinter diesem Projekt stehen. Eingeladen waren Vertreter aus Regionalpolitik, Landespolitik, Wirtschaft, sowie Kursleiter, Künstler und Kunstinteressierte. Folgend sind Fotos von Bernd Labugger von der Malperformance dieses Abends zu sehen:

Manu Papez-Malkovsky

Andreas Roseneder

Axl Litschke

an excerpt of the destroyed painting, chosen by Manu Papez-Malkovsky for drying & carry with as souvenir