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WHAT ABOUT A PAINTER´S SELFDONE COPY?  – second time paraphrasing this topic I realized last days a man trying to walk the same slippery way second time above a lake´s icecovered surface enlightened to reach WHAT? – tried to visualize that engagement – with help of light – two opposite coloured suns  & changing shadowing shown in different painting techniques too – at least the walker ingrowing –  ok – I release  &  invite you to prove the attempt with the origin below painted by my hand nearly ten years ago:

Andreas Roseneder  les deux soleils  acrylics on canvas 50 x 70 cm 2011

(click to enlarge)

Andreas Roseneder   Die Flucht des Asozialen /Flight of the Anti-Social oil on canvas 60×120 cm, 2002

A traditional oil painting I painted  2002 (!) as a paraphrase on Gottfried Kumpf´s  trade-marked eidolon “Der Asoziale / The Anti-Social” –  The artist´s trade-mark sets out his travel,  leaves the scene with a walking-stick,  stepping over the slippery frozen surface of a lake, the burning surroundings of  the lake´s reed-shore enlightened by a blue icy sun.

Last month I  met the artist at Vienna in the course of an interview for the magazine PANNOrama: he has left 3 years ago his old house near the shore of the lake Neusiedl where he lived for more than 40 years  & has found now for him & his eidolon a refuge in Austrian´s capital. – to see my recent post about that story & his real work just scroll down or click:  Der Kumpf   (sorry to say it is in German).


Andreas Roseneder kunstbluete  / art blossom black gesso, acrylic & interference acrylic on polyethylene patches

Andreas Roseneder kunstblueten / art blossoms, acrylic & interference acrylic on polyethylene patch

Andreas Roseneder  kunstblueten / artblossoms black gesso, acrylic & interference acrylic on polyethylen patch (with the day before yesterday´s snowhood)

the patches go form into third dimension now! – the first blossoms for the herbarium of KunstReich Bad Tatzmannsdorf came up!

thank you Traute Macom! – my website is now already available in English language, too!

Austrian viallage Thal in Styria – here the church St. Jakob – & nextby Schwarzenegger´s  box:

both targets of human tradition by adoration, translated into visual reality by a sacred & a profane building in neighbourhood. The old historical church of Thal adepted & styled by Austrian painter Ernst Fuchs. Nearby a plain box – filled with souvenirs of devotion for the  actor & Californian governour Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was born here. documents, photos, flags, letters, even cigars sent to the Major of Thal – incredibilities  callinging  back visitors´ mind to the native Arnold Schwarzenegger´s remembrance up to his successful life overseas.

concerning  double eagle, the headline of this post: viewing through my photos from last Sunday I could not help varying both sites out of chronological order:

absolute-vinyl-7 absolute-vinyl-8 absolute-vinyl-9

Andreas Roseneder              lands/cape/stripe/s                   vinyl on canvas 2008




details  lands/cape/stripe/s                                                                   definition:

als versuchter patriot (ich lebe im dorfe Au in einer mulde des Leithagebirges) habe ich mich hier in eine farb-abstrahierende darstellung der voralpen  (cape = vorgebirge), des Wiener Beckens, der Leitha-Auen, des Wulkatales  & des Neusiedlersees (lands/landscape = landschaft) “gespachtelt”  – aber wen interessiert diese description schon? – & wen interessieren die CMYK-bänder (stripe/s) auf den druckfahnen, die durch die farbmaschinen der druckerei laufen? – außer den drucker an der maschine, der für die korrektheit der farbeinstellung zuständig ist




Andreas Roseneder                  landscapestripes                                                                                                absolute yellow, absolute orange, absolute blue                   vinyl on canvas 2008

more about Fritz Bergler´s work see here

– both images are links to different topics –

kakòn méga erotes<


cor sit saltem sobrium<


Mono 8

Beuteln wir sie aus, bis sie leer sind. Bis keine Luft mehr in ihnen ist, weil sie alle herauspumpen haben müssen bei ihrer vergeblichen Jagd nach dem Ball. Der Ball muss dem Gegener immer einen Schritt voraus sein. Immer rollen, bis die Burschen von der Rolle sind. Dann überrollen wir sie. 

cit. aus:   ENTSCHEIDUNGSSPIEL – ein Fußballdrama, Siegmund Kleinl<<< 2007 


aber nachher

wenn ein nachher

aus der wäsche winkt

frisch gestärkt

und gemehlt und geeiweißt (?)


cit. aus: ein durchgangs-spiel<<<  – RF Handl 2007