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last saturday Nickeldorf, Kleylehof, Austria:  gathered musicians named the CHOICE OF CATEGORY performed on a stone stage annexed to a stone arena hand-built by Austrian sculptor Franz Gyolcs himself in front of his studios at Kleylehof. the Jazz Gallery Nickelsdorf invited there as a  HOMMAGE Á SUN RA for 5 days to COSMIC TONES FOR MENTAL THERAPY. –  follow some photo-impressions:

pacemaker Austrian  sculptor Franz Gyolcs passes the center of his land art work supervising the event. after a strong-lone-man act of 4 years his stone stage ready for performance.

Marshall Allen, 88,  since 1995 head of SUN RA ARCHESTRA

Juini Booth

 Philipp Quehenberger & Didi Kern


Juinie Booth & Marshall AllenSUN RA seems to appear with sun set

amidst the audience: a wooden sculpture by Franz Gyolcs

Hari Michlits – light designer enlightens Franz Gyolcs´”later work” & the musicians…

… whilst sunset enlightens roses, women – the audience

Hans Falb – inventive genius of konfrontationen Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf

Marshall Allen

a walk through the gallery of Franz Gyolcs, Kleylehof

Georg Pehm about the artist: Art Off Vogue (in German)

a tv-documentation about the artist on Austrian broadcast:

ORF III : Ramacher & Einfalt unterwegs – Kuenstler ueber Kuenstler:

interview with Franz Gyolcs

Marshall Allan watching a  historical record of a SUN RA ARCHESTRA concert…

… & looking back from the canvas too


“I’m talking about something that’s so impossible, it can’t possibly be true. But it’s the only way the world is going to survive, this impossible thing. My job is to change 5 billions of people to something else. Totally impossible. But everything that’s possible has been done by man, I have to deal with the impossible. And when I deal with the impossible and am successful, it makes me feel good because I know I’m not bullshittin’.”

Gustav Courbet L´Origine du monde / The Origin of the World / Der Ursprung der Welt

oil on canvas, 1866

Andreas Roseneder Rosa Wolke / Pink Cloud acrylics, interference & iridescent acrylics on canvas embeded in polyethylene, 2011



für Courbet & Lacan

Die Innenlippen blinzeln aus den äußern.

Im Lebenswasser spiegelt sich das Land,

lachendes Ufer aller Landungswünsche.

Hier springt die Welt zur Welt bei der Geburt,

nachdem zuvor die Welt zur Welt gedrungen.

                                                                      Hanns Remus  (November 1996)


die innenlippen nach aussen

nach innen die aussenlippen

es kehrt um der spiegel

die verhaeltnisse

wie der mond die erde hebt

die erde den mond erlebt

in geburt zur welt

                             René Desor (April 2012)


the inner lip to the outside

and inside the outer lips

the mirror reverses

the ratios

as the moon rises the earth

the earth experiences the moon

through birth to world

                                   René Desor (April 2012)

Andreas Roseneder  fluegelspiegel / fallen mirror angel 

iridescent & interference acrylics on canvas & polyethylene 2011

a photo taken in Kematen near Linz

a series of photos taken in St. Michael, Carinthia last weekend – a burning wooden sculpture with full moon above & weird appearance between earth & moon:

Frohe WeihnaXt
Merry X-mas
Buon NataleX
Joyeu-X Noel

©fotos: Traute Macom

Ernst Molden & Willi Resetarits the 23rd of october 2010 on stage at Stand Up Club, Fischamend, Austria

Ernst Molden – numma zum waana – video

is a dod da mau
(M + T: Ernst Molden)

is a dod da mau is a dod da mau
is a dod da mau is a scho gschduam
is a dod da mau is a dod da mau
is a dod da mau oda schdiabd a easchd muagn 

en berger en blaha en sedladschek
aan wiads heit no dawischn
zwischn krizznduaf und da kuchelau
weaman ausn wossa fischn

is a dod da mau …

waun da aana vo schuid darzöd
sog eam du kennsd nur schuldn
und waun eam des ned in sein schedl ged
na daun muass a se no geduldn

is a dod da mau …

a haufn rozzn rennd en easchdn beziak
zeen zwöfdosnd oda mea
vü z vü rozzn fi a so an klaan beziak
und ma frogd se wo kummans hea

is a dod da mau …

Willi Resetarits

die presse

Andreas Roseneder    Hellenic Sun Shell,    interference acrylic on metal,  2010

Enjoying my recent stay on the island Ikaria in the Greek Pelagos I initially felt glad to have escaped daily information & scaring news on screens & papers. The soothing calm view out of the rent house in Faro/Fanari to the nearby island Fourni shaped on horizon made that emotionally more easy:

One day accompagning Paul (he runs the bar Fos Fanari on Faros´ beach) on his shopping-trips to main town Agios Kirikos  I was on looking for some workable round plates for my pictural ideas on interference acrylic technique under Hellenic sun –  always aware of  last media´s hot spots on Deepwater Horizon, this biological RoundUp on maritime environment. What I found here in Icaria´s landscape was more than mere information about tracks of human activity  amidst the Mexican Gulf or on the soils of Texas: the rusty upper shells of a modern amphora – the industrial oil-barrel.

I started my individual “archaeological” recherches…

…allways followed by ships & wrecks

Back at the bar Fos Fanari a native gave a helpful hint for better search at the local electricity power station

There I even found the vivid coloured pallette for my enterprise

– & finally saw them! – my plates!:

…got up to an imaginary studio on the terrace of the house on the beach…

there we all were in good mood

rolled over the beach

& opened a virtual exhibition

POSEidon I

Andreas Roseneder   Hellenic Inverted Sun, interference acrylic on metal, 2010

all plates you may particullary see here

– & have a comparing look at the esthetical view of American photographer Benjamin Lowy on DeepWaterHorizon´s far-reaching outcomes:  oil on water – the colours on oil surface remember me to the effects of the interfence acrylics I used on Ikaria!


Sillian, East Tyrol, Austria : what about the weather today?

Emsige Regierung – Cremers Photoblog

(photos January 31st & February 3rd 2009 by René Desor, see more here)


Andreas Roseneder   the pumpkin twins     aquabrique  on canvas    130x 110 cm

somebody came along to my blog searching “nazar-boncuk-balon”. I can help. watercolors on Ecus Sistina. still wet state. more about the story behind that symbol see post: nazar, boncuk – veya tek kemgöz?

originally I wanted to follow the islamic tradition to stay ornamentic in expression but a female figure develops beyond the eye…

… & more & more accompanied by others

the already finished eveil-eye-ballon you find: here


wer wagt den ersten schnitt für mich

den eignen schritt zu öffnen?

wer macht die tat zur sach´

so klar, dass ich sie verfehlen mag?


für Hertha Kräftner 


la nudité des fleurs c´est leur odeur charnelle

qui palpite et s´émeut comme un sexe femelle

et les fleurs sans parfum sont vêtues par pudeur

elles prévoient qu´on veut violer leur odeur


Guillaume Apollinaire