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Category Archives: new year 2008

     my favorit colour as painter is green, actually seen – as you were told the articles below (I suppose you have allready read them). the photo following has nothing to do with these paintings; it just represents a in colour & suspension changed traffic sign you should know (if you are old enough & allowed to drive a car – allthough its appearance may differ from nation to nation, state to state).
in Austria it marks a dead end, in this case turned downside up.
click to the photo & get aware it is not only art presented on canvas or paper in troubles here in this region.

– come back again .  – & imagine to be located in Austria:

but who cares? 

– &… : is here any audience?



…der ALCHYMIST,  leidet offenbar an Obstipation, er atmet tief ein:

                        Der Atem direkt in den After fährt. (er furzt)

                        Ein Schaas im toten Wald. & hier der Rest der Welt durchsetzt

                        vom Auswurf einer ganzen Woche. & Ich – Ich geblendet & an

                        bestimmter Sehweise gebrochen. – Meine Retina eine fahle

                        Schale, die matte Bilder fängt wie Fernsehgries… *


 * cit.:   René Desor     DER WOCHEN ENDE ANFANG     Ein Stück in sieben Bildern



Jan Roseneder at his best

(2 images = 2 links to Austrian New Year – tradition)


          Andreas Roseneder    first glimpse    oil on canvas


Andreas Roseneder   out of Armageddon   watercolours 150x150cm  1995 (detail)  

flying through space I met petty old friend twerp hermit. guess what he enlightend:
follow & see the invitation for comments!


I got a red balloon. it hang on a string line in my hand in the air. me alone with the balloon. nevertheless: somehow I made it to come inside the balloon & to float in higher spheres. there I met a lot of other red balloons filled with fellows who wanted to push & shoot me away in my red balloon. & I did the same way. after a while there was empty space around me & I feel now like a star sailor on the way to nowhere officially promised as the year 2008