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SINNESRAUSCH / Sensory Sensation is a show in the OÖ Kulturquartier (Upper Austrian Culture Quarter) in Linz with international artists and substantial participation from the Czech art project ORBIS PICTUS PLAY by Jiří and Radana Wald (artistic concept Petr Nikl).

Marianna Stránská Kuleta, 2010, a globular kinetic object

Ondřej Puchta Lichtharfe 2 / Harfii 2 , 2011

a harp with swings of light, their disruption evolves sounds in one octave

Ondřej Janoušek Kunststoffseele, 2011 – a window into the world of plastic

Ondřej Smeykal Mobiles Lichtprisma / a Prism with Scrall Bars, 2009

Ueli Seiler Hugova, Farbige Raeder / Coluered Disks, 2010, rotating optical illusions

Achtundachzig Klaviere / Eightyeight Pianos – Untersuchungen an Fluegeln, kuratiert von Georg Nussbaumer

sprouting in the OK Saal is the central exhibition component Kristalise, which during the course of time and with the participation of the public will spread across the floor of the entire room like a living organism.

in front: Petr Nikl, Sessel der Taeuschung / The Chair of Delusion, 2010 – a rotary armchair with a magnifying glass

Jiří Konvrzek,  Ques Qintett Orgel-Fahrrad, organ bicycle

in the back: Petr Nikl, Petr Lorenc Auge / The Eye, 2007 – an external camera obscura for projecting the exterior

“Wir möchten das OÖ Kulturquartier als einen außergewöhnlichen ästhetischen Erfahrungsraum etablieren”, sagt der künstlerische Leiter Martin Sturm. Bespielt werden nicht nur die klassische Ausstellungsräume, sondern auch Gänge, Stiegenhäuser, Dachböden und Teile des Höhenrausch-Daches. Der neu renovierte Ursulinensaal ist der dramaturgische Abschluss des Rundganges und wird damit auch dem Ausstellungspublikum vorgestellt.

The big “rausch” exhibitions mounted since 2009 are ambitious art outreach programs. “We have created this format with the aim of inspiring a greater appreciation for art in broad sections of the public,” says Dr. Josef Pühringer, Minister-President of Upper Austria and Cultural Advisor. Unusual exhibition locations and artworks that strongly appeal to the senses are ideal for this purpose.

Folke Köbberling & Martin Kaltwasser: transformation of the wooden bridges Linz Super Branch 2009/11 of Atelier Bow Wow into WaterTowers, 2012

Wolfgang Georgsdorf Smeller 0.1, 1096/2012, an artificial odour installation

Atelier Bow Wow (JP) , part of Linz Super Branch 2009/2011 & Conzett, Bronzini, Gartmann (CH) in cooperation with Riepl Riepl Architekten Linz

Bring in The Sun – solar system for the museumhalls down under

Wolfgang Georgsdorf Smeller 2.0 – OLFAKTORIUM

Helga Griffiths, Turbulent Souvenirs/Memories, 2005/2012

the exhibition concept of ORBIS PICTUS PLAY culminates in the pivotal work The Heart in the Ursulinensaal. The instruments and objects here are all “analog” and function without any electronics, computer technology, recorded music or film clips. They have therefore somehow “fallen out of time and are for that very reason all the more present,” says Director Martin Sturm. Human energy is the only force that can breathe life into them, setting them in motion and making them produce sounds.

the exit

SINNESRAUSCH (Sensory Sensation)

until 20. September 2012

OÖ Kulturquartier
OK Platz 1
4020 Linz


last friday at Gerersdorf, Austria: Prof.  Gerhard Kisser receives the “Award Kunstmediator 2012/ Art Mediator 2012” conferred & sculptor Franz Wieser shows his work (until June 17th) in the open air museum Gerersdorf, where the last 40 years an ensemble of old regional architecture & commodities was initially installed by founder Gerhard Kisser & a host of volunteers.

Franz Wieser: details of iron sculptures / objects

old clock tower

taubenkobel / dovecote, originally Wohlrab from Wulkaprodersdorf

playful visitors with dandelions

Franz Wieser:  Sonnenwagen / solar carriage

Franz Wieser: Rad der Zeit / time wheel

curious visitor

Helena Wallner, art journalist & managent, holds the laudation

Gerhard Kisser with audience

Prof Gerhard Kisser gets the award sculpture Kunstmediator / Art Mediator by designer Franz Wieser himself – the winner of last year who officially should do this – Willy Puchner – unfortunately was prevented for comming.

with Mag. Hubert Thurnhofer, president of the Austrian IG galerien

Franz Wieser: miniatur II

miniatur III, diagonal, verzahnung…

Franz Wieser: verzahnung / dovetailing

Franz Wieser: geometrie / geometrie

Franz Wieser: omen

“blaudruck / blueprint” – a traditional pattern for fabrics & clothes

the hand-hewn logs with clay – mixed with chopped straw – plastered and whitewashed

after the award ceremony founder Gerhard Kisser proudly leads through the ensemble of old houses. with help of volunteers and the “thatch roof specialists” from Heiligenbrunn it was in 1976 that a small group of six buildings as “ensemble Gerersdorf” officially could be presented to the public.

Franz Wieser
Edel – Stahl

im Freilichtmuseum Ensemble Gerersdorf
vom 4. Mai bis 17. Juni 2012

A-7542 Gerersdorf Riegelbergen Ensemble Gerersdorf

orang utans can´t feel like a new man

Andreas Roseneder  “Mizaru: see no evil”  acrylics on canvas 60×80 cm 2011

Andreas Roseneder  “Kikazaru: hear no evil”  acrylics on canvas 60×80 cm 2011

Andreas Roseneder  “Iwazaru: speak no evil”  acrylics on canvas 60×80 cm 2011

if you do not believe it, take a look here:  three wise monkeys

full of expectation at Steinbrunn / Stikapron last night…

… light AND music:

on stage:  Karl “Charly” Ratzer – with his Garage Band:

Horst Maier, Alfred Reznik, Karl Ratzer & José Prito

ok,  – not Mother´s Finest Wiesen 2011

Karl Ratzer

…but the mothers dance!…

… following day in the Cosmopolitan Garden at Eisenstadt / Željezno / Srasta:

Gerhard Hajny

Anne Tscharmann

ARTSTAGE,  Florian Schmid & Andreas Roseneder: 1001 LAVENDER COSMOS opening for autumn 2011

a prospective soil for my art blossoms

the initial idea: a advanced “Cosmopolitan Garden” between technical college & technical industry at Eisenstadt, Burgenland, Austria

25.000 square metres “playground” – who will care about?

wir haben die schafe gehütet

wir haben sie geschoren

wir haben die wolle gsponnen

wir haben die socken gestrickt…

… und jetzt sitzen wir in der Wiese

und singen

Ilse Hirschmann 2008

mentor Hans Göttel, managing director of the EUROPAHAUS BURGENLAND & Ilse Hirschmann, participating artist

follow the project preceding  blog post “the fifth tower”

Manu Papez-Malkovsky & Axl Litschke in front of the pink raised hide – distinctive sign of the Werkstatt Murberg near Graz, Austria

artists Andreas Roseneder, Manu Papez-Malkovsky & Axl Litschke preparing last friday a paint-performance within the scope of the Austrian artclub Werkstatt Murberg´s presentation of the year-2011- program

video: paintperformance

more photos & information about in German: Murberger MalWerkstatt

Am 11. Februar 2011 lud der Kunstverein Werkstatt Murberg zur Präsentation des kommenden Kurs- u. Veranstaltungsprogramms. Der Bogen spannt sich 2011 von einer anspruchsvollen Bildungsreihe im Bereich Malerei, über verschiedene Keramikkurse, einem Kurzfilmprojekt, einem Fotografieworkshop, bis hin zu zahlreichen und ausgesuchten Konzertveranstaltungen. Ebenso steht eine Kunstwanderung um Enzelsdorf und einer Serie von Kabarettabenden auf der Agenda. Beginn: 17:00 Uhr Dauer offizieller Teil: ca. 60 min. • Programmpräsentation 2011 der Werkstatt Murberg • Vorstellung der Murberger MalWerkstatt 2011 • Malperformance Axl Litschke, Manuela Papez-Malkovsky und Andreas Roseneder, Percussionsbegleitung Sabine Feichtinger • Vernissage Branko Lenart (Fotografie) Im Anschluss wurde unter angenehmer musikalischer Untermalung durch Steff Kotter (Piano) Gelegenheit für gedanklichen Austausch gegeben, sowie die Leute kennen zu lernen, die hinter diesem Projekt stehen. Eingeladen waren Vertreter aus Regionalpolitik, Landespolitik, Wirtschaft, sowie Kursleiter, Künstler und Kunstinteressierte. Folgend sind Fotos von Bernd Labugger von der Malperformance dieses Abends zu sehen:

Manu Papez-Malkovsky

Andreas Roseneder

Axl Litschke

an excerpt of the destroyed painting, chosen by Manu Papez-Malkovsky for drying & carry with as souvenir

Niki de Saint Phalle Dragon polyester painted 1975

The Essl Museum at Klosterneuburg, Vienna had opened its doors this weekend with free entrance & painting workshops for children

Nike de Saint Phalle  Nana Écartellée 1965, wire mesh, wool, cloth, paint

Niki de Saint Phalle  Nana (Petite Gwendolyne I) , 1963  papier maché painted, cloth, paint on metal base

Niki de Saint Phalle  Dragon de Berlin rabbit fence, different objects on wooden door, 1963

detail Dragon de Berlin

Nike de Saint Phalle La Mariée à Cheval 1963-97

details of La Mariée à Cheval 1963-97

details of Obelisque de Miroirs, 1993

Niki de Saint Phalle  Magicien – House of Meditation, model for Jardin des Tarots, polyester painted 1978

Niki de Saint Phalle  La Tempérance model for Jardin des Tarots, polyester painted 1985

Chinese scholar´s rock   Linglong Ying stone  1845

Max Weiler Im Wald / In the woods polyptich painting, 1968/69, egg tempera on chipboard

Chinese scholar´s rock, stone in the shape of a bizzar rock, old hardwood base with wave motif, dark grey limestone with white calcite vein (yingshi), 18-19th century

Max Weiler    Landschaftsveränderungen polyptich painting, 1966, egg tempera on chipboard

Chinese scholar´s rock,  stone on natural root wood base, boulder, 1885

Max Weiler Die grosse Landschaftsverwandlung polyptich painting 1968 egg tempera on chipboard

at the end I saw a quiet communication in a room installed in memoriam the recently died Austrian sculptor Bruno Gironcoli:


The time before a date last week to interview Dr. Gerald Matt – director of the KUNSTHALLE wien – for the magazine PANNOrama, I was engaged to take some photos from architecture, lounge, café, restaurant & curiosities around the Kunsthalle at Vienna. And to visit the current exhibition, too. – You will find among the photos a link to “1989. Ende der Geschichte oder Beginn der Zukunft? – Anmerkungen zum Epochenbruch  /  1989. End of History or Beginning of the Future? – Comments on a Paradigm Shift“.  An article about current cultural affairs will follow soon.








“1989 – End of History or Beginning of the Future? – Comments on a Paradigm Shift










anonymous stencil-sprayed Matt


gerald_matt_kunsthalle_wienphoto: artstage

“The curator is the servant of the artist” – an easy saying  by Gerald Matt but high aim for a person with artistic ambitions as I sometimes get aware of his own work.




Primary School Achau, Lower Austria: with the kids out in the fields around school, surrounded by growing corn. Siegi & me tried to let them face nature in spontaneity but keep them all the same concenterating on pouring, meditating & painting water & acrylic colours on their boards. afterwards examining the results I noticed: I did not mention Austrian painter Hermann Nitsch! (compare here)

Volksschule Achau, Niederösterreich: mit den kindern & lehrern ziehen Siegi & ich raus aus der schule zu den sprießenden maisfeldern vor dem ehemaligen kuhstall des schlosses Achau, in welchem am 26. Juni 2009 das abschlussfest mit einer vernissage der gelungendsten ergebnisse unserer malsessions stattfinden wird.

































a sequence of the school´s art-project


künstler inspirieren junge kunst / artists inspire young art

chronologische bilderschau des projectes / links to photos about the proceeding project:


YOUng pART 6

YOUng pART 5

YOUng pART 4

YOUng pART 3

YOUng pART 2

YOUng pART 1

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YOUng pART 6

last week at Primary School Achau again: the pupils eagerly taught last  lessons  about work & techniques of well-known artists I ordered them to use their  favorite art material by own choice – seemed first a remarkable  step backwards –  but final result & work-in-progress-stills show it was a step forward:













besides the pupils painted all together in team-work a big canvas for exhibition at the end of our sessions




a sequence of the school´s art-project


artists inspire young art

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