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photographer Katja Ruge from Hamburg, Germany, shot a series of photos about the stunt paint performance distributed with oil colours on canvas at the motorcycle meet TRIUMPH TRIDAYS 2011 in Neukirchen/Newchurch, Salzburg by Austrian painter Andreas Roseneder, Scot Motorcycle Stunt World Champion Kevin Carmichael & German stunt rider Dirk Manderbach. – This was the last not jet finished picture of seven works for the Tridays Undercover Series Andreas Roseneder had created after painting the poster topic with brush & rimmed motorcycle tyres by hand – on a special mission for Tridays´ mastermind Uli Brée

on a rainy Friday last week the painting tyres met their by the artist several months just imagined machines & riders…

Andreas Roseneder  Tridays Undercover Cover, oil with brush & motorcycle tyres on canvas, 220 x 120 cm, 2010

first picture of the series Tridays Undercover Cover & sujet for the Tridays 2011 poster

painter Kevin Carmichael – his favourite film:  Gladiator

Dirk Manderbach, Markus Linder, Andreas Roseneder

Andreas Roseneder, Kevin Carmichael & Dirk Manderbach 

Rainy Tridays´ Traces  oil with brush & motorcycle tyres on canvas, 220 x120 cm, 2011

Andreas Roseneder  Tyre Wire  oil with brush & motorcycle tyre on canvas

220 x 120 cm, 2011   (click to enlarge)

last picture of the series Tridays Undercover Cover

© performance photos: Katja Ruge  (view here her last  photo sessions)

more photos about the stuntmen´s real work: Tridays stunt overcross paint I

author & actor as stagemanager:

Uli Brée, mastermind of the motorcycle meet Tridays introduces the team of construction & presents the Triumph-bike built after his ideas & conceptions called “Tridays-Eleven” – click here the especially installed website for more information.

specialist for travelling gear Jochen Schmitz-Linkweiler starts the new engine

Sabine Linder, Moni Brée run the merchandise cloak room, Chandiru Mawa as customer

tridesign presented by creator goldsmith Robert Deutschmann himself

some Tridays 2011 snap shots:

real British weather: it´s raining all the time, even the children of school in Newchurch have painted an umbrella on the wall

Elsa Steiner, 86, native from Neukirchen /Newchurch with native card board guardsman

Markus Linder

Markus Linder, cabaret artiste & musician as moderator of the various shows

who´s that guy?…

…that´s Mandi Brée…

…father Uli Brée takes mother-in-law out for a ride

after four days hustle & hustle the guardsmen are really tired!

at the local reception Neukirchen / Newchurch, the scene of the motorbike meet Triumph Tridays 2011: “my” undercover cover as oversized poster & I asked myself: would Scot stuntman Kevin Carmichael  paint after my command with his bike a prepared canvas?

my foresight: “Gilbert meets George” & “George meets Gilbert” at the Hoferhaus in Newchurch – a part of the exhibition

 in reality I met the second day Kevin & Dirk:

motorbike stunt world champion Kevin Carmichael persuaded companion German stuntman Dirk Manderbach to join in the paint stunt performance. here both after the action – they had obviously fun – in spite of rain, what made with water the slippery  oil colour performance not easier

& finally both set by hand their autograph on the canvas baptized “Rainy Tridays´ Traces”

The Royal Borough of Newchurch has a Kevin Carmichael Road

Kevin Carmichael –“King of Newchurch” & ” Master of Clouds” in action

cabaret artiste as moderator: Markus Linder holds his nose, the others stop their ears

a guardsman-beefeater-wheelie – with black plastic owl in background

Kevin does the splits in drivin´…


…& examines how best to go on drawing his traces…

with these profiles:

Dirk shows a stunt together – a fabulous waltz with Wiebke Landwehr

see more photos by Katja Ruge about the stunt paint performance here

Andreas Roseneder  best vision oil painting &  oil print on canvas 2010/11

an especially for the Triumph Tridays 2011 painted art work – last months my personal guide & “key picture” in painting for the series:  Tridays XXL Undercover – you may see these art works 23rd to 26th of june 2011 at Hoferhaus at Neukirchen/Newchurch, Salzburg, Austria.

more about the motorbike meet next week HERE – & possibly see you there!

Andreas Roseneder   prime test   oil  on canvas  2010/11

Andreas Roseneder  Tyre Wire Biker  oil on canvas  220 x 120 cm 2011

(click to enlarge)


Andreas Roseneder  Tridays Tyre Wire I  oil prints & strokes on paper 2011

Andreas Roseneder Tridays Tyre Wire II  oil prints & strokes on paper 2011

Andreas Roseneder Tridays Tyre Wire III  oil prints & strokes on paper 2011

here some work in progress photos in my atelier about the recent art work for The Triumph Tridays 2011; always in my mind: a planned paint-stunt-performance with the Scot stuntman Kevin Carmichael in Neukirchen/Newchurch, Salzburg, Austria (the painted, printed & drawn works  will be shown at the Hoferhaus there) – I have to add: I´m no biker, just ride the rims with Bridgestone´s rubber tyre coloured with Daler Rowney Georgian oil colours under my ass…

my wheel riding trousers

oh god, that´s not water – it´s terpentine!

you may imagine the smell?

after the ride: even my skin is tattooed by parts of the Jack

Andreas Roseneder   George meets Gilbert   oil on canvas, 220 x 120 cm, 2011

(click the images to enlarge)

Andreas Roseneder   Gilbert meets George   oil on canvas, 220 x 120 cm, 2011

the cover-biker of The Triumph Tridays 2011  has found two new companions on tour!

Andreas Roseneder  The Triumph Tridays 2011 UnderCover Cover  oil on canvas, 220 x 210 cm, 2011

“By the King: Whereas, some differences hath arisen between Our subjects of South and North Britaine travelling by Seas, about the bearing of their Flagges: For the avoiding of all contentions hereafter. We have, with the advice of our Council, ordered: That from henceforth all our Subjects of this Isle and Kingdome of Great Britaine, and all our members thereof, shall beare in their main-toppe the Red Crosse commonly called St George´s Crosse and the White Crosse, commonly called St. Andrew’s Crosse, joyned together according to the forme made by our heralods and sent by Us to our Admerall to be published to our Subjects: and in their fore-toppe our Subjects of South Britaine shall weare the Red Crosse onely as they were wont, and our Subjects of North Britaine in their fore-toppe the White Crosse onely as they were accustomed.”

King James I, 1603

cit.: Fox-Davies, Arthur Charles (1904 [1986]). The Art of Heraldry: An Encyclopaedia of Armory. London: Bloomsbury Books. p. 39

Like other countries with St George as a patron, the English frequently used St George’s cross as their flag.

During the first Crusade, the Pope decided that knights of different nationalities should be distinguished by different colours of cross. French knights were allocated the red cross on white. English knights complained about this, since they considered this to be “their” St George’s cross

Andrew´s profiled trousers´ back after cross-riding the bridgestone battlax bike tires for George

The countdown is on…


19.-26.06.2011 & 23.-26.06.2011

 Undercover XXL

Andreas Roseneder   George meets Gilbert  oil on canvas 220 x 120 cm 2011

Andreas Roseneder Gilbert meets George oil on canvas 220 x 120 cm 2011

… real traffic topin´ art …

… or does not?: one of Gilbert & George´s “Jack Freak Pictures” exhibited at the Deichtorhallen Hamburg this spring …

… somebody out of the Halle shouts by graffiti: “better than J. Meese” …

Jonathan Meese: “Die Raketenabschussbasis der Kunst, rattenscharf klargemacht, ist ein Plateau der Neutralität, dort dürfen alle und alles spielen.”

Andreas Roseneder  Tridays´undercover cover II oil on canvas, 120 x 240 cm, 2010

April sun awakes the bike drivers – they  gather to test their driving skills next the nearby asphalt serpentine across the Leithagebirge. – & me  – I take out my Bridgestone bike wheels & oil colours & I ask myself about continuity in artwork, about the number “3” in art, about trinity, triptych & the Tridays´project in “Newchurch” Neukirchen/Salzburg, Austria in July this year.

Andreas Roseneder  Tridays´undercover cover I oil on canvas, 120 x 240 cm, 2010

the official poster of the TRIUMPH TRIDAYS 2011