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some impressions from the opening of the exhibition ARIK BRAUER  –  Fünf phantastische Jahrzehnte / Five Fantastic Decades on friday 30th march 2012 at Infeld The House of Culture, Halbturn

Arik Brauer – draft for a record cover in the seventies –  here more about his musical output

Timna Brauer


The Timna Brauer & Elias Meiri ensemble

Arik Brauer Pan im Wald / Pan in The Woods, oil on acrylic primed hard board, detail

Zdenka Infeld among the audience, Brauer & Meiri mirrored in a frame

Arik Brauer  Zurück zum Mond / Back to The Moon, oil on acrylic primed hard board

Arik Brauer Die Befruchtung / The Fertilization, oil on acrylic primed hard board, detail

Arik Brauer  Die Letzte Habe / The Last Belongings, oil on acrylic primed hard board

curator Gerhard Kisser engages in conversations…

 …musician Toni Stricker & Traude Gruber in listening…

…while artist Adolf Tuma interviews musician Timna Brauer

Parkstraße 13
7131 Halbturn / Burgenland
Tel + Fax: 02172/20123

Do-So 13.00 bis 18.00 Uhr sowie an Feiertagen, oder nach telefonischer Vereinbarung

I know – I am late with this post:  here are some photos from the opening of the christmas exhibition at INFELD- House of Culture, Halbturn, Austria – until the 18th of december you have the possibility to see – & buy too, of course – the works of artists living in the Austrian Federal State of Burgenland

curator Gerhard Kisser opens with artist Elke Mischling

… & Lucja Radwan in front of their huge paintings

“Keano”,  mixed media by Elke Mischling

Marina Horvath without title, acrylics on canvas, 2010

Marina Horvath, diptych, without title acrylics on canvas, 2009

Marina Horvath, without title, mixed media on canvas, 2011

Erwin Reisner  Henri Matisse, mixed media on canvas, 1982

Alois Lang  Torso, wooden sculpture 2011

Alois Lang meditation / ruhepol  oilsticks 2000

Alois Lang beziehung / relationship oilstics 1996

Reihard Mikel   abfahrt / downhill  collage 1987

Wladigeroff Brothers & Band:  Alexander Wladigeroff – trumpet & coiled trumpet,  Konstantin Wladigeroff – piano,  Dimitar Karamitev – Kaval (Bulgarian flute), Dusan Novakov – percussion

guests: artists Johann Karner & Franz Gyolcs

Karin Jungbauer & Gerhard Mischling

Elke Mischling waiting mixed media on paper 2008

Elke Mischling    Erwin der Wurm oder meine Sicht des Universums / Erwin the Worm or My View of the Universe

mixed media on canvas 200 x 200 cm 2010

Elke Mischling ausschließlich menschlich / exclusively human

mixed media on canvas 100 x 100 cm 2010


mit Verkauf
2. Dezember 19 Uhr bis 18. Dezember 2011

works by:

Marina Horvath
Alois Lang
Reinhard Mikel
Elke Mischling
Lucja Radwan
Erwin Reisner

who are these 2 poets?

etching “The poets” by Wolfgang Herzig

 parts of the file “Wirklichkeiten / realities” :  “Tage der Freude / Days of Joy”  etching 1968

parts of the file “Schweinfurther Chloralytik”:   “Devil´s Expulsion” etching 1970

Wolfgang Herzig  “Devil´s Mill” etching 1969

Wolfgang Herzig  “Quarrel”  etching 1967

The Diknu Schneeberger Trio  (Joschi & Diknu Schneeberger with Martin Spitzer)

masterly gig – virtuoso!

Wolfgang Herzig (left) & Zdenka Infeld (right)

Joschi & Diknu Schneeberger

guests Adolf Tuma, Diknu Schneeberger & Scholem Alejchem

by the side: the first etching shows Peter Handke & H C Artmann


Parkstrasse 13   A -7131 Halbturn im Burgenland, Austria

Wolfgang Herzig
Hommage an Dr. Otto Breicha
Samstag, 24. Sep. bis Sonntag, 13. Nov. 2011

more ot see: Wolfgang Herzig: Ein Realist wird 70  –  ESSL MUSEUM Klosterneuburg, Austria

Josef Bramer Es hat mich sehr gefreut / I was very pleased about  oil on canvas

Renée, very pleased to take part

painter Josef Bramer opens his stage for actor Stephan Paryla

 Michael Von Nathusius, “soul of the house”, with guests…

… & curator Gerhard Kisser

Josef Bramer´s Kaspar – detail

Jutta Elsinger with husband & Kaspar

PUSZTA FEUER – Rudi Ruha & Band – the musicians animating Bramer´s canvases around the stage

historical Austrian literary pack

Josef “Joschi” Bramer – portrait of his friend Peter Infeld, watercolours on cardboard, 1982

Josef Bramer  portrait Margarethe Infeld  watercolours on cardboard, 1983

Josef Bramer  Schach dem Koenig / check the king  oil on canvas 1990/93 – detail

present fruit of an attempt to link here Josef Bramer´s website:


Ausstellung Josef Bramer
Der poetische Einzelgänger
16. April bis 13. Juni 2011

Parkstraße 13
7131 Halbturn / Burgenland
Tel + Fax: 02172/20123

Do-So 13.00 bis 18.00 Uhr sowie an Feiertagen, oder nach telefonischer Vereinbarung

Following fotos from the opening of the exhibition Art Brut / Outsider Art – Internationale & österreichische Kunst der Außenseiter Zdenka Infeld had invited to the Infeld House of Culture, Halbturn last Friday:

August Walla, details of the scenery for

Moša Šišic & the Gypsy Express (all performers members of the family). The band led the audience with Balkan Modern over Macedonia, Greece & Turkey through the visual world of  more than 20 artists “living on the edge”, shy maverics, sheer naives, crazy maniacs & fantastic visionaries, all artists non-professionals & not influenced by the art historical mainstreams.

Jasmina Šišic

Joachim Luetke brings in Spanish dancing style to the East European sound

visitors in front of oilpaintings by  Wano Meliaschwili:  Fürs Vaterland / for fatherland 1981

Moša Šišic

Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern detail

3 works by Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern

André Robillard Gewehre / rifles 1995

André Robillard  Schlange / snake  1998

André Robillard  Armstrong sur le planet Mars, about 2001

Martha Grünenwaldt Frauenbildnis / portrait of a woman, 1995

Martha Grünenwaldt  without title, detail

Martha Grünenwaldt, Vogel / bird, about 1991

Michel Nedjar Belleville Paris 1992

Franz Gyolcs (in front of Michael von Nathusius & Michel Nedjar on the wall)

Petrvich Pavel Leonov, Pushkin near Moscow in the village Petushki, 1998, detail

Oswald Tschirtner

François Burland Homo bicus Bicus, 1994

François Burland Homo bicus Bicus, 1994

Josef Wittlich Zwei Frauen aus Modekatalog / two woman from a fashion catalogue, detail, 1967

Ida Buchmann without title, about 1989

Johann Fischer Das Jahr 1907 / the year 1907, 2001, detail

Johann Korec Du Elephantenkuh küß mich pitte, pitte 1974

Jean Dubuffet Paysage avec 2 perssonnages, 1980

a talk in front of works by Anselme Boix-Vives,  sans titre, guache 1962-63

Franz Janz Umschlagmappe “Die 8. Weihung” / map cover “the 8th consecration”, 2004, in follow papers & details out of this map:

at  Infeld Haus der Kultur / Infeld House of Culture are to be seen until 13th June 2010 more works by following artists, too:

André Bauchant, Gaston Chaissac, Madge Gill, Franz Kernbeis, Max Raffler, Krynicki Nikifor, Adolf Wölfli

more photos about the open weekend “Christmas-exhibition” at Infeld-House of Culture, the first act of the performance see previous post: exited Congomilk I (or just scroll down the previous two posts)

the actors Frank Hoffmann & Stephan Paryla-Raky reading, performing & treating the audience at their best with christmas-poems, -letters & -stories at the opening – an exemptional pleasure!

I am standing in front of Fanz Vana,  Zdenka Infeld & next curator Gerhard Kisser like swallowed up a broom – a momentary target hit by the spotlight – or is it a virtual snowball? (photo Traute Macom)

Franz Vana, without title, graphite on canvas

Andreas Roseneder, …geschweige denn Mythos  & Farbwasserbewegungen, watercolours on laminated paper

“…geschweige denn Mythos”, Aquarell 150 x 150cm

Andreas Roseneder  Hi Teddy watercolors on Canson-paper, 3.30 x 1.50 meters

with Julie Küster & Adolf Tuma

bluEYE patch, Mysterious Monk & Croatian Madonna

violonist Toni Stricker leaves the exhibition

Zdenka Infeld talking with Gerhard Kisser

Andreas Roseneder   mission into icy lands ice-flowered watercolours on paper

Franz Wieser (right) with  Adolf Tuma

Franz Wieser   transparency high grade steel

Franz Wieser   silence I high grade steel

Michael von Nathusius searching the key to close the gallery

Franz Vana, 1975-2009, mixed media on cardboard & wood

Eduard Shugle Hois   electrical language leather on cardboard

some of my poliethylen patches (more about scroll down here) are standing in the garden of Infeld-House:

Joseph Haydn on the Royal Blue Patch slowly losing his acrylic sur-face: fading with the year of the 200year-celebrities back to the death-mask

Weihnachtsausstellung – Verkaufsausstellung
Eduard „Shugle“ Hois
Erwin Moravitz
Petra Neulinger
Andreas Rosenender
Franz Vana
Franz Wieser
4.12.2009 19.00 (opening) – 20.12.2009

PARKSTR. 13 TEL+FAX 02172/20123

Öffnungszeiten: Donnerstag-Sonntag und Feiertag
13.00 – 18.00 o. nach tel. Vereinbarung

following photos about the first preparations for the Christmas-exhibition at Infeld-House of Culture, Halbturn, Burgenland, Austria, I am invited to participate together with 5 other artists from the region

the unloaded Georgia O´Keeffe patch

curator Prof. Gerhard Kisser engaged with Moravitz´painted canvases

artist Erwin Moravitz in front of works by Franz Vana

artist Eduard Shugle Hois with “erregte Kongomilch / exited Congomilk” by Franz Vana

how to place them? – these subdued works by Moravitz:

Erwin Moravitz

two huge watercolors I painted 1991 & 2002 on Canson-paper,  laminated on canvas

the long one will be placed for the exhibition slanting from the  bottom to the ceiling of  the entrance room of Infeld House

artist Petra Neulinger appears

then finally Gerhard Kisser´s assistant Julie Küster arriving from Frankfurt

helping to unpack Petra Neulinger´s works

Eduard Shugle Hois places his leather-patchworks

more about the opening: exited Congomilk II

Weihnachtsausstellung – Verkaufsausstellung
Eduard „Shugle“ Hois
Erwin Moravitz
Petra Neulinger
Andreas Rosenender
Franz Vana
Franz Wieser
4.12.2009 19.00 (opening) – 20.12.2009

PARKSTR. 13 TEL+FAX 02172/20123

Öffnungszeiten: Donnerstag-Sonntag und Feiertag
13.00 – 18.00 o. nach tel. Vereinbarung

Andreas Roseneder  the Coke patch (Ferenc Liszt patch) vinylic on poliethylen masterBatch 2009

Andreas Roseneder   the Georgia O´Keeffe patch vinylic on poliethylen masterBatch 2009

der bildende künstler schlägt einen spagat über teufelsaustreibung und zuckergussglasur: die ordentliche vermählung zweier konträrer parteien sozusagen, oder besser  gesagt: die gelungene verschmelzung zweier unterschiedlicher ausdrucksweisen zu einer einzigen kohärenten energie. –  dabei hellwach jeden moment darauf achtend, sich nicht in den ewigen streit der dualitäten mit schwarz-weiß-malereien verwickeln zu lassen

Andreas Roseneder  the nazar boncuk patch vinylic on poliethylene masterBatch 2009

Andreas Roseneder   the red patch vinylic on poliethylen masterBatch 2009

portrait Georgia O´Keeffe after a photo by Alfred Stieglitz