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today´s press conference concerning matters on the ESSL ART AWARD CEE 09 at the Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg next Vienna, I thought to be useful to ask the owners & art collectors Agnes & Karlheinz Essl some questions about their future plans in commuting between business´& art´s world –  actually the founders of the Essl Museum have started the ceremonies of the 10th year jubelee.

I found the future in the  presence of some nominees & pricewinners of the award – “the VERY young artists”, as curator René Block in his introducing speach layed particular emphasis on – & the guided visit through the exhibition hall with their presentations opened a view into the world of young artists living & working in Central & Eastern Europe.

Karlheinz Essl, Barbara Hagen-Grötschnig (Vienna Insurance Group), Agnes Essl & René Block (curator)

“that´s my child”,  designated Agnes Essl the Essl Art Award CEE, and  “…  I wish you with all of my heart the best for the future to develop your carreers …” she gave the young artists along their way.

living next Sopron/Ödenburg I found myself next the “hungarian table” – Zoltan Pintér, Diána Keller & Viola Fátyol – neighbours as in real life

the hall of the exhibition

Uroš Potocnik, Slovenia with details of his huge painting Veranda 1:1,  “just ordinary things out of our daily Slovenian living”, he commented his work taciturn

those beloved, very close videoinstallation by Lenka Cisárová, Bratislava, Slovakia

not the words but the gestures of  Jan Pfeiffer from Prague, Czech Republic, gave me imediately entrance into his work titeled  After the First – New York, Berlin, Prague or From – & musician Karlheinz Essl jr. obviously too

From, installation, detail

Diána Keller, Budapest, Hungary, with Still life, a video still of roses losing drop by drop their colours

Matej Sitar from Ljubljana, Slovenia, invites in perfect German into his seperate exhibition rooms

Fairy Tales (net presentation soon): Der Ursprung des Kunstwerkes (after Heidegger)

Marusa Sustar from Slovenia inspires somebody with Overview : NY

in conversation between Selfsystem 4.3., a video still by Zóltan Pintér

she made the audience laugh: Tihana Mandušić from Split, Croatia, with her videoinstallatin 3:10 to Yuma

Livio Rajh from Zagreb, Croatia, seeks interaction between visitor & artist with his work Schulz Naumann Monet (24 Hour Artwork)

Matija Brumen, Ljubljana, Slovenia, refers about his nightobjects

Viola Fátyol from Budapest, Hungary, shows her subtile photo Mutation

the most open room for one of the most intimate installation:

Petra Malá, living in Prague (CZ) & Lethbridge (CDN)  builds a bridge across three generations of her family with the photoseries  And She Said She Was Looking

colleagues from Prague meet at Klosterneuburg

Anna Hulacová from Prague, too: she wants to create a new view of esthetic by using food in her work, here with “Kamasutra eggs” as I nicknamed them

in Maxim Liulca´s (Cluj, Romania) paintings on themes concerning mass rallies I found intonated Gerhard Richter´s world

Lucia Stránaiová from Bratislava, Slovakia with an intimate photoseries again: Grand Parents

“I have not slept for 40 hours”, Dávid Adamkó from Hungary excuses the stage of construction at his place: he still works on the installation  Liberty and Love / Szabadság, szerelem / Sloboda, láskal. “It will be finished soon”, he grins. – the scenery has a touch of “happening”

Jozef Poník from Presov, Slovakia with one of the few paintings of the exhibition: big woman

videostill from the installation  I by Ivana Juric, Zagreb, Croatia

Violeta Ionita from Foncsani, Romania wants sencerity & honesty in her appearing to the public: & she really began to cry telling about her private experiences in front of her installation

Message, video still

at the end of the presentation Mrs. Agnes Essl welcomes the young artists with flying shawl to layed tables for lunch

Prof. Agnes Essl:

„Das Bestreben, junge Künstlerinnen und Künstler aus Zentral- und Südosteuropa zu fördern und ihnen die Möglichkeit zu geben, in einem internationalen, musealen Kontext auszustellen, führte uns zu der Idee, mit der Unterstützung von bauMax einen Kunstpreis auszuschreiben, der alle zwei Jahre verliehen wird.”

some artists (as Katarina Poliaciková, Slovakia & Michele Bressan, Christina Vladu, both Romania) & most works are missing here: some artists could not come to the award or I did not recognize somebody´work  during the long round through the exhibition hall , but you may take a look at your own:

ESSL MUSEUM – Kunst der Gegenwart

An der Donau-Au 1
3400 Klosterneuburg

04.12.09 – 17.01.10, Ausstellungshalle
Projektleitung und Ausstellungsorganisation: Daniela Balogh, Silvia Köpf

Daniel Richter, current exhibition

René Desor for PANNOrama



inside Postojna Cave, Slovenia 2008

all photos shot last week in Slovenija, Portorož, Lucija, peninsula Seča near Ribič & Forma Viva