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seven more miniature paintings (acrylics & ink on stamp paper, 4,2 x 3,4 cm, 2009)  out of Adolf Tuma´s treasure-cascet

 more information about see blog post post . VALUE : [sign I ]

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more about artist Adolf Tuma: A.TUMA : Markenzeichen


Andreas Roseneder  Paint Ball Playing Chimps  acrylics on canvas 120 x 70 cm, 2012 – click to enlarge

this painting in acrylic technique is the right part of a diptych called PLAY  –  the scene here showing chimpanzees playing paintball; – the not shown left scene is still in work – evoking human body parts painting interfered with handball scenes. –  a painting of remembrance to my youth became clear not as easy to realize as the real imagined chimpanzees! – interesting…  – but I hope a photo of the left part will follow soon!

stage of 1001 – LAVENDER COSMOS

a short visit at Cosmopolitan Garden, Eisenstadt, Europahaus Burgenland

the white canvas of last days begins to vanish

installation scene winter 2012

Situated between the European capitals Vienna and Bratislava, the Donau-Auen National Park preserves the last remaining major wetlands environment in Central Europe  – a rescue paradise for the beaver – here traces on poplar trunks bitten by this animal sculptor.

 on my side it momentary seems facing this triptych like crying out the old year & staring into a new odd year

–  & me confrontated by reflectin ´fucked up children´s faces:

in Elke Mischling´s atelier


Elke Mischling  acrylics & ink on canvas, 210 x 130 cm 2011

WHAT ABOUT A PAINTER´S SELFDONE COPY?  – second time paraphrasing this topic I realized last days a man trying to walk the same slippery way second time above a lake´s icecovered surface enlightened to reach WHAT? – tried to visualize that engagement – with help of light – two opposite coloured suns  & changing shadowing shown in different painting techniques too – at least the walker ingrowing –  ok – I release  &  invite you to prove the attempt with the origin below painted by my hand nearly ten years ago:

Andreas Roseneder  les deux soleils  acrylics on canvas 50 x 70 cm 2011

(click to enlarge)

Andreas Roseneder   Die Flucht des Asozialen /Flight of the Anti-Social oil on canvas 60×120 cm, 2002

A traditional oil painting I painted  2002 (!) as a paraphrase on Gottfried Kumpf´s  trade-marked eidolon “Der Asoziale / The Anti-Social” –  The artist´s trade-mark sets out his travel,  leaves the scene with a walking-stick,  stepping over the slippery frozen surface of a lake, the burning surroundings of  the lake´s reed-shore enlightened by a blue icy sun.

Last month I  met the artist at Vienna in the course of an interview for the magazine PANNOrama: he has left 3 years ago his old house near the shore of the lake Neusiedl where he lived for more than 40 years  & has found now for him & his eidolon a refuge in Austrian´s capital. – to see my recent post about that story & his real work just scroll down or click:  Der Kumpf   (sorry to say it is in German).


I know – I am late with this post:  here are some photos from the opening of the christmas exhibition at INFELD- House of Culture, Halbturn, Austria – until the 18th of december you have the possibility to see – & buy too, of course – the works of artists living in the Austrian Federal State of Burgenland

curator Gerhard Kisser opens with artist Elke Mischling

… & Lucja Radwan in front of their huge paintings

“Keano”,  mixed media by Elke Mischling

Marina Horvath without title, acrylics on canvas, 2010

Marina Horvath, diptych, without title acrylics on canvas, 2009

Marina Horvath, without title, mixed media on canvas, 2011

Erwin Reisner  Henri Matisse, mixed media on canvas, 1982

Alois Lang  Torso, wooden sculpture 2011

Alois Lang meditation / ruhepol  oilsticks 2000

Alois Lang beziehung / relationship oilstics 1996

Reihard Mikel   abfahrt / downhill  collage 1987

Wladigeroff Brothers & Band:  Alexander Wladigeroff – trumpet & coiled trumpet,  Konstantin Wladigeroff – piano,  Dimitar Karamitev – Kaval (Bulgarian flute), Dusan Novakov – percussion

guests: artists Johann Karner & Franz Gyolcs

Karin Jungbauer & Gerhard Mischling

Elke Mischling waiting mixed media on paper 2008

Elke Mischling    Erwin der Wurm oder meine Sicht des Universums / Erwin the Worm or My View of the Universe

mixed media on canvas 200 x 200 cm 2010

Elke Mischling ausschließlich menschlich / exclusively human

mixed media on canvas 100 x 100 cm 2010


mit Verkauf
2. Dezember 19 Uhr bis 18. Dezember 2011

works by:

Marina Horvath
Alois Lang
Reinhard Mikel
Elke Mischling
Lucja Radwan
Erwin Reisner

un résumé pas écrit – & wenn dann bloss – bezeichnend – bild- & fotonotiz:

Andreas Roseneder  1001 LAVENDER COSMOS BELLY I  acrylics on canvas 2011

Andreas Roseneder  1001 LAVENDER COSMOS BELLY II  acrylics on canvas 2011

Andreas Roseneder  1001 LAVENDER COSMOS BELLY III  acrylics on canvas 2011

Andreas Roseneder  WaveFace / portrait Elisabeth Jandrinitsch – Roseneder 

acrylics on canvas 2011