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Category Archives: Salzburg

Andreas Roseneder  Tyre Wire Biker  oil on canvas  220 x 120 cm 2011

(click to enlarge)


Andreas Roseneder  Tridays Tyre Wire I  oil prints & strokes on paper 2011

Andreas Roseneder Tridays Tyre Wire II  oil prints & strokes on paper 2011

Andreas Roseneder Tridays Tyre Wire III  oil prints & strokes on paper 2011

this guy here seems to leap with his bike through his own stunt tyre traces breaking up the stripes of good old  Union Jack, right towards Newchurch in Salzburg, good old Austria, where the scene of the ambitious motorbike meet TRIUMPH TRIDAYS next week goes on stage – & me myself will take part with my imaginary art bike – wheel & brush on canvas & paper.

Andreas Roseneder  The Triumph Tridays´ 2011 Undercover Wheely  oil on canvas

220 x 120 cm  201 (click to enlarge)

Alberto Giacometti  Diego assis lisant le journal 1952-53, detail á la lumière de la lampe à l´atelier – flottant comme un œil devant les yeux du spectateur

True, I did not know Alberto Giacometti had a brother who assisted him in preparations for creating his sculptures. Here at the MdM MÖNCHSBERG in Salzburg I saw last weekend Alberto´s fantastic brozen bust of his brother Diego; & the painted snapshot of Diego reading in his atelier too – done with  expressive & certain brushstrokes.  Facial portrait-fixated in reception of art I found an enormous  treasure of art´s history at MdM´s exhibition “Gipfeltreffen der Moderne – Das Kunstmuseum Winterthur”. –  See & enjoy – the exhibition ends the 30th of may!

Alberto Giacometti, Buste de Diego, bronce 1955

Alberto  Giacometti  Diego assis lisant le journal 1952-53

Sitzender Diego, die Zeitung lesend

Auguste Rodin

Vincent van Gogh  Joseph Roulin, oil on canvas,  1888

Oskar Kokoschka    Hugo Caro,  oil on canvas, 1910

Pablo Picasso   Filette au cerceau,   guache, 6.6.1920

Tony Craigg – his first hidden & then streched profile leads me out of the MdM


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A –  5020 Salzburg

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