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Category Archives: Rust

Andreas Roseneder                 burst balloon              watercolours on Ecus Sistina

sitting in a meadow between mallow & thistle a strange phenomenon surprised me yesterday:  this transparent vision of a imaginary balloon appeared again, stroke my eyes & was sting by the pointed leave of the pannonian subspecies of a sea holly that it burst in a sudden & revealed incidentally the secret beauty of that plant.

back in the bowels of earth´s nature again!

more about the metamorphosis of balloons last days: 2 a-message-in -a-bottle-balloons


photo: Traute Svoboda


       photo: Johannes Kozmann


links to lake-a-loon´s opening

         photo: artstage  video about: here











photos: René Desor

myth, Pannonia, space                                                                                photo: DiSc


a bunch for Traute (first photo, in the corner left painting)  / a smile for Dieter (DiSc-photo) / sent by thistle / their pannonian fellows inborn / – with wings!

Andreas Roseneder   the balloon of exchange   watercolours dichromatic on E S

Andreas Roseneder  the balloon of no decision   watercolours dichromatic on E S

Andreas Roseneder the blue-stroke-balloon  watercolours monochromatic on E S

painting with watercolours open-air in burning sunlight requires even a quick as sure handling of the brush. sometimes the inbearable heat or a threatening thunderstorm seduces to go to far in movement & the brushstroke leaves some splashes on the paper. it would be easy to erase them with a wet towel before they dry. but some inspiration may tell that they are illustrating a perfect manner of movement that fits to the initial task. here it happened this way.

Andreas Roseneder   palloncini del lago   watercolours on Ecus Sistina

Versuchsballon einer zärtlichen Annäherung

test-balloon of a tender approach


Andreas Roseneder  il palloncino temporalesco  watercolours on E S

Andreas Roseneder  il palloncino calma di vento  watercolours on E S

place of origins: outskirts of Rust

Andreas Roseneder il palloncino del campanile  watercolours on E S