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Category Archives: New York

Andreas Roseneder     Vitus´ Himmel-Höllen-Fahrt     watercolours on French Canson  150x90cm, 1995

this twin-garden-gnomes may stand as daily (!) unnoticed memorial of  9/11 in our civil lifes

Andreas Roseneder      autumn balloon        aqua brique on canvas, 110x130cm 

today I did not smash pumpkins  as it may appear on that image. I just inhaled the colours of autumn & let their language & speech settle down on the canvas. seen through my pupil to my hand   for some prospective. – anybody arround me was interested in –  I think the intense natural coulours of nature suffice to everybody´s satisfaction without artificial change at the moment. but art may let take a second view.

 “Los Angeles ist wie eine offene Wunde, die niemand zu verbinden versucht. Sie ist der äusserste Vorposten einer untergehenden Zivilisation, und wenn Sie die unkaschierte Version der westlichen Welt “Now” sehen wollen, dies ist der Ort. Manchmal komme ich mir vor wie in Blade Runner, wo der Zusammenbruch aller Werte eine neue comic-hafte, apokalyptisch-surreale Ästhetik gebiert.”
                                                                                         Gottfried Helnwein 1995
striped-star-hero, charcoal & acryl on plotted canvas, 03 2003

offen> often oft off of <open




prime test on Middle East, charcoal & acryl on plotted canvas, 2003 03 18

good luck to our guys in Chad – Tchad, Tschad, تشاد


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out of guilt, acryl on plotted canvas, 2003

“We don’t need an art exhibition to tell us what we ought to think about legalized murder.” Ken Johnson, New York Times, more:

Under Pain of Death – exhibition at the Austrian Cultural Forum, NYC

toys-in-nyc.jpg desert-storm-toys in the streets of NYC, 1991