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où est l´hippocampe? – where is the sea-horse?









Tranquilo tranquilette, pas d´hameçon à l´horizon, c´est la fête.
Tranqil & free of worry, no fish-hook in sieht, let´s have a party.
Robert Combas freedom, diversity & opression 2009



Robert Combas freedom, diversity & opression 2009

danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum

more about see post: familiar


sex machine, la fille à pose lascive


Je suis Tuer, un personnage hérité de premiers jours de toiles. Adolescent virtuel à tête Kandinsky signaliste. Je bonde le cul. Yá trop de monde dans ce truc. Belle couleur, chaleur et diversité.

I am Kill, a character inherited from the first days of canvases. A virtual adolescent with the head of a signalising Kandinsky. I refuse the ass. There are too many people in this thing. Beautiful colour, warmth & diversity.


a new installation in the park of danubiana : Ján Kelemen   NIΤ – I. II. III  / Thread 2008




new settled bronze POVODNÝ TVOR / underwater creature by Ondrej 4., 2004


Robert Combas inside & outside danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum



N´écoute plus, sinon je te lance moi poing sur la geule. Hommage aux Yard Birds, un groupe de rock anglais électrique et baroque des annés 60

Do not listen any more, otherwise I will lauch my fist on your face. Homage to the Yard Birds, an English elctric and baroque rock band in the sixties

Robert Combas  2008


Au début, c´était la Venus de Venise, maintenant c´est ISIS sûr et certain

At the beginning, it was the Venice Venus, now it is ISIS, sure & certain


Robert Combas

freedom, diversity & oppression


–  more about next days!

artist Peter Pollág is still working on the scaffold in the danubiana park area up to his Danube Wings: “some poets gave knowledge how many glass-pieces we already have fixed on that sculpture”, he amuses today as response to a visitors question about the amount of pieces on the surface,  among them sculptors Milan Lukacs, Daniel Bucur & Rudolf Pinter

video:  Danubian Wings – Dunajske kridla


ART’S BIRTHDAY is an annual event first proposed on January 17th 1963 by French Fluxus artist Robert Filliou. He suggested that 1,000,000 years ago “A man took a dry sponge and dropped it into a bucket full of water. Who that man was is not important. He is dead but art is alive.”


part of  Nußbaumer´s sound transmission system (Otto Nußbaumer,  Graz, Austria 1904)

today´s party at the Kulturfabrik Hainburg:  with Hubsi Kramar as master of ceremonies, En aka Pal Tóth (Budapest) and Astrid Schwarz (Vienna) will contribute live mixes of incoming streams & following artists will participate: Dorit Chrysler, Klaus Filip, Die Fuchteln, Die Tiger von Eschnapur, Andrew Garton, Seppo Gründler, Bernhard Fleischmann, Volkmar Klien, Matthias Makowsky, Pia Palme, Bruno Pisek, Zsolt Sőrés and many more.

more information & webcam LIVE Audio-Stream of the party here

“be there or be square!”
“in it’s 1.000,0046th year of being, Art needs you more than ever…!”

– hear these hints as governing principles claimed tonight.


all technical objects shown here are part of the exhibition Magical Sound Machines / forgotten future #1 at the Kulturfabrik Hainburg, more about recent posts: a magical touch on sound machinessmoke signals


seit heute früh gibt es die online-ausgabe des Österreichisch-Europäischen magazins “PANNOrama – einblicke in das pannonische lebensgefühl” – per internet einzusehen / since today morning you have the chance to take a glance at the online-edition of the Austrian-European magazine “PANNOrama  – views into pannonian lifestyle”


when I entered with Milan Lukáč the scaffold  constructed around Peter Pollág´s sculptur Danube Wings at Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum some weeks ago, one of Milan´s mosquitos (see some sculptural examples: here) was accompanying us to the top (see also article: on top of Danube Wings). the detail down of the photo above gives evidence to that fact:

today I read about Julius von Bismarck´s Image Fulgurator, a machine he invented to manipulate other´s photos. how terrific imaging to meet Pollág´s double-headed lion (see: worshipping true colours) on the top of his sculpture!

Peter Pollág       the kiss (triptych-altar)        oil on wood, silver-carving      1995

more about Peter Pollág´s present exhibition True Colours at danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum see article: worshipping true colours

Peter Pollág                    a la Salome                      oil                             1984-93   

Peter Pollág                                                                             a la Salome /  detail

Peter Pollág              in the shadow                     oil on canvas                      2005

Peter Pollág                    under the umbrella                     oil on canvas          2006

Peter Pollág                        jump                            oil on canvas                  2006

Peter Pollág        depths        acrylics on canvas         2008

Peter Pollág      the muse      acrylic & oil       2004

Peter Pollág         king          oil on canvas        2006

some photos from yesterday´s sunny opening of Peter Pollág´s exhibition True Colours at Danubina Meulensteen Art Museum  on an artificial peninsula in the storage lake of river Danube (see: Gabčikovo)  at Čunovo near Bratislava, Slovakia & the celebrated unveiling of Pollág´s sculpture-project Danube Wings

Peter Pollág         first emperor (  diptych)        acrylic & oil on canvas            2003

Peter Pollág            double-headed lion          acrylic & oil on canvas                2007

Peter Pollág                dancers                 acrylic & oil on canvas                     2007


ship´s mate Peter Pollág & danubiana´s captain Vinzent Polakovič 

– both amidst yesterday´s festivities in front of Pollág´s Danube Wings – more about The Wings of  the Danube tells The Bratislava Leaders Magazine : here