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Category Archives: Toni Stricker

some impressions from the opening of the exhibition ARIK BRAUER  –  Fünf phantastische Jahrzehnte / Five Fantastic Decades on friday 30th march 2012 at Infeld The House of Culture, Halbturn

Arik Brauer – draft for a record cover in the seventies –  here more about his musical output

Timna Brauer


The Timna Brauer & Elias Meiri ensemble

Arik Brauer Pan im Wald / Pan in The Woods, oil on acrylic primed hard board, detail

Zdenka Infeld among the audience, Brauer & Meiri mirrored in a frame

Arik Brauer  Zurück zum Mond / Back to The Moon, oil on acrylic primed hard board

Arik Brauer Die Befruchtung / The Fertilization, oil on acrylic primed hard board, detail

Arik Brauer  Die Letzte Habe / The Last Belongings, oil on acrylic primed hard board

curator Gerhard Kisser engages in conversations…

 …musician Toni Stricker & Traude Gruber in listening…

…while artist Adolf Tuma interviews musician Timna Brauer

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