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yesterday there was an opening of a new exhibition at danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum in Čunovo near Bratislava: works of the Hungarian sculptor & painter Zoltán Kemény (1907 Banica – 1965 Zurich) & his wife Madelaine Kemény-Szemere (1906 Budapest – 1993 Zurich). excuse me I just refer to Zoltan Kemeny´s work I was fascinated in its contrasts. & there was an artbook-presentation about the Slovakian sculptor Jozef Jankovič at the same time, too much for a short late evening date.

update: about Madeleine Kemény-Szemere see new post: une promenade avec Madeleine!

Eva Trojanová writes in the accompanying folder to the exhibition: “Kemeny gave the title Métallo-magie (1963) to one of the reliefs exhibited in his collection at the Venice Biennale in 1664. It precisely captures the essence of his relation to his own work: his obsession with work in metal and its recreation into `live pictures´(tableaux vivants). Kemény reached the peak of his artistic creation through his admirable determination which enabled him to overcome the difficulties of immigration and the trauma of war. Initially he was concerned in painting. However, it did not produce much response…”

the following paintings are dated between the years 1943 & 1947, the sculptures & reliefs Zoltán Kemény has created since the year 1953 – could there be a broader gap in expression? :




instead of “gap” a synonymous poetic expression now:  “jour et nuit”



the artbook presentation:


Jozef Jankovič & his work at danubiana park

information: Jozef Jankovič & Janez Lenassi: FORMA VIVA PORTOROŽ 2007 (obalnje galerije, Piran, Slovenia) & be invited to visit my blog-article viva forma! about there



Milan Lukáč in conversation with Jozef Jankovič


Milan Lukáč  amused with Gerard H. Meulensteen & other slovakian artists




Milan Lukáč talking shop in his atleier with the Austrian sculptor Rudolf Pinter next Milan´s daughter Linda

new insights to his atelier in Bratislava:

nature morte avec deux papillons dans mon atelier



new vistors who are interested to read & see more about Milan Lukáč´s work  may have a look at:

Milan Lukáč´s vasculum

see also the post ahoj, danubiana! on a photo-tour in winter last year at the danubiana park. – which has been actualized this spring now by a new post: znovu ahoj, danubiana!    

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