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one of the best arguments  to change abstract work in painting  to a so-called “realistic” way ever announced by a professional painter I found in the catalogue of the exhibition Lebendversuch / Experimentation in Vivo by artist Jonas Burgert from Berlin at the Kunsthalle Krems, Austria: “ninety percent of the work consists in avoiding painting figuratively. but I want to use ninety percent of the work offensively, not defensively. and so I said to myself: content has to return. but the quality of abstract painting, the timeless validity, has to be maintained.”

ჯონას ბურგერტ  –  detail of:

Jonas Burgert  Affenfalle / Monkey Trap oil on canvas 2010, 180 x 600 cm

details of:

Jonas Burgert  Suchtpuls / craving pulse oil on canvas, 2011 especially created for the Kunsthalle Krems

“I want to depict this naïve hope human beings have. how we are constantly on a quest for something, for a well, & ultimately poison ourselves.”

Jonas Burgert

detail of:

Jonas Burgert  Schergen / Henchmen oil on canvas 2007

Jonas Burgert  Streiter / Fighter  individually painted bronze 2009

“Everything´s cool, everything´s easygoing, but no one has to reveal anything. no one has to be honest.” (more: Jonas Burgert)

Jonas Burgert  Scheuche / Scarecrow oil on canvas 2010, 220 x 200 cm

Jonas Burgert  Nachttrick  / Night Trick oil on canvas 2010, 120 x 100 cm




Franz-Zeller Platz 3
3500 Krems

täglich / open daily  10.00 bis / to  18.00 h

artist Elke Mischling with her favorit

Elke Mischling  Isa & Etelka  acrylic on canvas 2011, especially painted for a reading by Magda Szabó at the Literaturhaus Mattersburg: The Elements (more about in German HERE)