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Category Archives: Franz Liszt

the special stamp “200th Anniversary of the Birth of Franz Liszt”  (first day of issue 29.01.2011, artwork:  Silvia Moucka) ennobles with first-day-of-issue-postmark a special postcard edited by Austrian philatelists (initiated by Dr. Herbert Simon) – showing my watercoloured hommage to Henri Lehmann´s portrait of Franz Liszt painted in 1839

“This power to subjugate, to uplift, to carry & let fall an audience, is a power that is not be encountered to such a high degree in any other artist with the exeption of Paganini. However, what is most difficult is to speak about this art itself. It is no longer the playing of the piano in this or that manner, but rather the expression of an audacious character altogether whose fate it is to dominate, to prevail, instead of being the perilous tool of the peaceful in art” – Robert Schuman marveling about Franz Liszt

Andreas Roseneder   thumbnails & fingertips I & II Chinese ink & AquaBrique on Kahari-paper 2011

an inspired pianist (hommage à Franz Liszt)

detail/working process – an attempt to create a watercolour-painted synaesthetic portrait of the nowadays as Austrian claimed composer Franz / Ferencz  Liszt by fusing his physiognomy & hands. (Hungarian heart, but not tongue: Although he became an ardent Hungarian nationalist, Liszt grew up speaking German and was unable to speak much Hungarian. Liszt adopted French as his eventual language of preference.)

Andreas Roseneder Franz Liszt´FingerHandSpiel watercolour on Ecus Sistina  2011

“malen Sie mir das mit mehr verve in blau”

Andreas Roseneder   HandFingerSpiel  I –  (portrait Franz Liszt – or selfportrait Guermann Régnier?), watercolour on Ecus Sistina, 2010


Liszt meets O´Keeffe

J. Swann´s world

lisztiania/kuenstler & moench

Andreas Roseneder  the Coke patch (Ferenc Liszt patch) vinylic on poliethylen masterBatch 2009

Andreas Roseneder   the Georgia O´Keeffe patch vinylic on poliethylen masterBatch 2009

der bildende künstler schlägt einen spagat über teufelsaustreibung und zuckergussglasur: die ordentliche vermählung zweier konträrer parteien sozusagen, oder besser  gesagt: die gelungene verschmelzung zweier unterschiedlicher ausdrucksweisen zu einer einzigen kohärenten energie. –  dabei hellwach jeden moment darauf achtend, sich nicht in den ewigen streit der dualitäten mit schwarz-weiß-malereien verwickeln zu lassen




Andreas Roseneder    in  Jeffrey Swann´s world aquabrique & vinyl on canvas 2009

hommage aux Années de Pèlerinage de Franz Liszt