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bild-symbiose von Andreas Roseneder aus seinem aquarell: “Kefalonian Blue”, 2012 von Zakyntos aus gesehen, aquabrique auf papier & Traute Macoms bild: “Rising Zakynthos”, 2012 von Kefalonia aus gesehen, aquarell auf papier




Samstag, 8. September 2012 ab 15 Uhr

ort / location / lieu:  STOTZING, Feldgasse 1

des meeres und der künste wellen – reflexionen aus den zeiten der Sommerakademie Griechenland 2012 auf der Ionischen insel Zakynthos

waves of the sea and waves of arts – reflections from the time of the Summer Academy 2012 on the Ionian island of Zakynthos, Greece

vagues de mer et vagues d’arts – réflexions du temps de l’Académie d’été ‘Sommerakademie’ 2012 sur l’île ionienne de Zakynthos en Grèce

mit live- performance im WIENER-ZANTE-BECKEN um 17 Uhr:

with live performance in the VIENNA-ZANTE-BASIN at 1700 hrs:

performances en direct du VIENNE-ZANTE BASSIN à  1700 heures:



SINNESRAUSCH / Sensory Sensation is a show in the OÖ Kulturquartier (Upper Austrian Culture Quarter) in Linz with international artists and substantial participation from the Czech art project ORBIS PICTUS PLAY by Jiří and Radana Wald (artistic concept Petr Nikl).

Marianna Stránská Kuleta, 2010, a globular kinetic object

Ondřej Puchta Lichtharfe 2 / Harfii 2 , 2011

a harp with swings of light, their disruption evolves sounds in one octave

Ondřej Janoušek Kunststoffseele, 2011 – a window into the world of plastic

Ondřej Smeykal Mobiles Lichtprisma / a Prism with Scrall Bars, 2009

Ueli Seiler Hugova, Farbige Raeder / Coluered Disks, 2010, rotating optical illusions

Achtundachzig Klaviere / Eightyeight Pianos – Untersuchungen an Fluegeln, kuratiert von Georg Nussbaumer

sprouting in the OK Saal is the central exhibition component Kristalise, which during the course of time and with the participation of the public will spread across the floor of the entire room like a living organism.

in front: Petr Nikl, Sessel der Taeuschung / The Chair of Delusion, 2010 – a rotary armchair with a magnifying glass

Jiří Konvrzek,  Ques Qintett Orgel-Fahrrad, organ bicycle

in the back: Petr Nikl, Petr Lorenc Auge / The Eye, 2007 – an external camera obscura for projecting the exterior

“Wir möchten das OÖ Kulturquartier als einen außergewöhnlichen ästhetischen Erfahrungsraum etablieren”, sagt der künstlerische Leiter Martin Sturm. Bespielt werden nicht nur die klassische Ausstellungsräume, sondern auch Gänge, Stiegenhäuser, Dachböden und Teile des Höhenrausch-Daches. Der neu renovierte Ursulinensaal ist der dramaturgische Abschluss des Rundganges und wird damit auch dem Ausstellungspublikum vorgestellt.

The big “rausch” exhibitions mounted since 2009 are ambitious art outreach programs. “We have created this format with the aim of inspiring a greater appreciation for art in broad sections of the public,” says Dr. Josef Pühringer, Minister-President of Upper Austria and Cultural Advisor. Unusual exhibition locations and artworks that strongly appeal to the senses are ideal for this purpose.

Folke Köbberling & Martin Kaltwasser: transformation of the wooden bridges Linz Super Branch 2009/11 of Atelier Bow Wow into WaterTowers, 2012

Wolfgang Georgsdorf Smeller 0.1, 1096/2012, an artificial odour installation

Atelier Bow Wow (JP) , part of Linz Super Branch 2009/2011 & Conzett, Bronzini, Gartmann (CH) in cooperation with Riepl Riepl Architekten Linz

Bring in The Sun – solar system for the museumhalls down under

Wolfgang Georgsdorf Smeller 2.0 – OLFAKTORIUM

Helga Griffiths, Turbulent Souvenirs/Memories, 2005/2012

the exhibition concept of ORBIS PICTUS PLAY culminates in the pivotal work The Heart in the Ursulinensaal. The instruments and objects here are all “analog” and function without any electronics, computer technology, recorded music or film clips. They have therefore somehow “fallen out of time and are for that very reason all the more present,” says Director Martin Sturm. Human energy is the only force that can breathe life into them, setting them in motion and making them produce sounds.

the exit

SINNESRAUSCH (Sensory Sensation)

until 20. September 2012

OÖ Kulturquartier
OK Platz 1
4020 Linz

last saturday Nickeldorf, Kleylehof, Austria:  gathered musicians named the CHOICE OF CATEGORY performed on a stone stage annexed to a stone arena hand-built by Austrian sculptor Franz Gyolcs himself in front of his studios at Kleylehof. the Jazz Gallery Nickelsdorf invited there as a  HOMMAGE Á SUN RA for 5 days to COSMIC TONES FOR MENTAL THERAPY. –  follow some photo-impressions:

pacemaker Austrian  sculptor Franz Gyolcs passes the center of his land art work supervising the event. after a strong-lone-man act of 4 years his stone stage ready for performance.

Marshall Allen, 88,  since 1995 head of SUN RA ARCHESTRA

Juini Booth

 Philipp Quehenberger & Didi Kern


Juinie Booth & Marshall AllenSUN RA seems to appear with sun set

amidst the audience: a wooden sculpture by Franz Gyolcs

Hari Michlits – light designer enlightens Franz Gyolcs´”later work” & the musicians…

… whilst sunset enlightens roses, women – the audience

Hans Falb – inventive genius of konfrontationen Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf

Marshall Allen

a walk through the gallery of Franz Gyolcs, Kleylehof

Georg Pehm about the artist: Art Off Vogue (in German)

a tv-documentation about the artist on Austrian broadcast:

ORF III : Ramacher & Einfalt unterwegs – Kuenstler ueber Kuenstler:

interview with Franz Gyolcs

Marshall Allan watching a  historical record of a SUN RA ARCHESTRA concert…

… & looking back from the canvas too


“I’m talking about something that’s so impossible, it can’t possibly be true. But it’s the only way the world is going to survive, this impossible thing. My job is to change 5 billions of people to something else. Totally impossible. But everything that’s possible has been done by man, I have to deal with the impossible. And when I deal with the impossible and am successful, it makes me feel good because I know I’m not bullshittin’.”

back to the times the walls of village farm houses here in Pannonia were “breathing air” through the bricks & stones because of their chalk cover – outside as inside. on the way through Stotzing, Burgenland I met last week one of the last house holders who traditionally whitewash their house in spring. & this activity seemed to spring over into the face of the old man at the moment he proudly told me about the benefits he gains from his work for his house, life & surroundings – & obviously for himself too!

Hans Roller / Stotzing

last friday at Gerersdorf, Austria: Prof.  Gerhard Kisser receives the “Award Kunstmediator 2012/ Art Mediator 2012” conferred & sculptor Franz Wieser shows his work (until June 17th) in the open air museum Gerersdorf, where the last 40 years an ensemble of old regional architecture & commodities was initially installed by founder Gerhard Kisser & a host of volunteers.

Franz Wieser: details of iron sculptures / objects

old clock tower

taubenkobel / dovecote, originally Wohlrab from Wulkaprodersdorf

playful visitors with dandelions

Franz Wieser:  Sonnenwagen / solar carriage

Franz Wieser: Rad der Zeit / time wheel

curious visitor

Helena Wallner, art journalist & managent, holds the laudation

Gerhard Kisser with audience

Prof Gerhard Kisser gets the award sculpture Kunstmediator / Art Mediator by designer Franz Wieser himself – the winner of last year who officially should do this – Willy Puchner – unfortunately was prevented for comming.

with Mag. Hubert Thurnhofer, president of the Austrian IG galerien

Franz Wieser: miniatur II

miniatur III, diagonal, verzahnung…

Franz Wieser: verzahnung / dovetailing

Franz Wieser: geometrie / geometrie

Franz Wieser: omen

“blaudruck / blueprint” – a traditional pattern for fabrics & clothes

the hand-hewn logs with clay – mixed with chopped straw – plastered and whitewashed

after the award ceremony founder Gerhard Kisser proudly leads through the ensemble of old houses. with help of volunteers and the “thatch roof specialists” from Heiligenbrunn it was in 1976 that a small group of six buildings as “ensemble Gerersdorf” officially could be presented to the public.

Franz Wieser
Edel – Stahl

im Freilichtmuseum Ensemble Gerersdorf
vom 4. Mai bis 17. Juni 2012

A-7542 Gerersdorf Riegelbergen Ensemble Gerersdorf

stage of 1001 – LAVENDER COSMOS

a short visit at Cosmopolitan Garden, Eisenstadt, Europahaus Burgenland

the white canvas of last days begins to vanish

installation scene winter 2012

Andreas Roseneder   Le Cheval Noir Parisien  acrylique sur toile  80 x 120 cm 2011

(click to enlarge)

I know – I am late with this post:  here are some photos from the opening of the christmas exhibition at INFELD- House of Culture, Halbturn, Austria – until the 18th of december you have the possibility to see – & buy too, of course – the works of artists living in the Austrian Federal State of Burgenland

curator Gerhard Kisser opens with artist Elke Mischling

… & Lucja Radwan in front of their huge paintings

“Keano”,  mixed media by Elke Mischling

Marina Horvath without title, acrylics on canvas, 2010

Marina Horvath, diptych, without title acrylics on canvas, 2009

Marina Horvath, without title, mixed media on canvas, 2011

Erwin Reisner  Henri Matisse, mixed media on canvas, 1982

Alois Lang  Torso, wooden sculpture 2011

Alois Lang meditation / ruhepol  oilsticks 2000

Alois Lang beziehung / relationship oilstics 1996

Reihard Mikel   abfahrt / downhill  collage 1987

Wladigeroff Brothers & Band:  Alexander Wladigeroff – trumpet & coiled trumpet,  Konstantin Wladigeroff – piano,  Dimitar Karamitev – Kaval (Bulgarian flute), Dusan Novakov – percussion

guests: artists Johann Karner & Franz Gyolcs

Karin Jungbauer & Gerhard Mischling

Elke Mischling waiting mixed media on paper 2008

Elke Mischling    Erwin der Wurm oder meine Sicht des Universums / Erwin the Worm or My View of the Universe

mixed media on canvas 200 x 200 cm 2010

Elke Mischling ausschließlich menschlich / exclusively human

mixed media on canvas 100 x 100 cm 2010


mit Verkauf
2. Dezember 19 Uhr bis 18. Dezember 2011

works by:

Marina Horvath
Alois Lang
Reinhard Mikel
Elke Mischling
Lucja Radwan
Erwin Reisner

more than 150 works representing all creative periods of Belgian painter René Magritte are recently exposed in the Albertina, Vienna. I am definitely no fan of so-called surrealist painting, but this show evoked an hype of realism in my eyes so my artistic view still seems inspired by that genius man…

Joueur Secret, 1927

Les Temps Menaçants (1929)

“c´est un morceau de fromage”

– la revers de la toile d´objét sous globe en verre

L´Eté et L’Avenir des statues, 1937

Les Valeurs personnelles, 1952

ceci est un oeil de Magritte

Saleha Waqar:  “This Is Not an Article About René Magritte”

ceci n´est pas un oeil de Magritte


until 26. Februar 2012


Albertinaplatz 1
1010 Vienna


Vive la  L’influence des tableaux de Magritte sur la publicité en 35 exemples

the paprika – cliché:   let us try to confirm or get rid of it on a walk through the

market of the Hungarian city Sopron / Ödenburg last Friday