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who are these 2 poets?

etching “The poets” by Wolfgang Herzig

 parts of the file “Wirklichkeiten / realities” :  “Tage der Freude / Days of Joy”  etching 1968

parts of the file “Schweinfurther Chloralytik”:   “Devil´s Expulsion” etching 1970

Wolfgang Herzig  “Devil´s Mill” etching 1969

Wolfgang Herzig  “Quarrel”  etching 1967

The Diknu Schneeberger Trio  (Joschi & Diknu Schneeberger with Martin Spitzer)

masterly gig – virtuoso!

Wolfgang Herzig (left) & Zdenka Infeld (right)

Joschi & Diknu Schneeberger

guests Adolf Tuma, Diknu Schneeberger & Scholem Alejchem

by the side: the first etching shows Peter Handke & H C Artmann


Parkstrasse 13   A -7131 Halbturn im Burgenland, Austria

Wolfgang Herzig
Hommage an Dr. Otto Breicha
Samstag, 24. Sep. bis Sonntag, 13. Nov. 2011

more ot see: Wolfgang Herzig: Ein Realist wird 70  –  ESSL MUSEUM Klosterneuburg, Austria

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