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… – seen through augmented reality:

Philipp Breuss-Schneeweis – founder & CVO of Wikitude – &  Günther Weinlinger – head manager of 7 reasons – mirrored in their virtual tool – an Apple iPad

on a reaped wheat field, the former scene of an ancient Roman Gladiator School at Carnuntum / Petronell, Lower Austria

even a mere iPod is useful for some virtual insights…

Wolfgang Neubauer, head manager of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft in front of a motorized device to measure the data for the virtual construction on an iPad screen

“…Neubauer said an unusual and unexplained “white spot” on an aerial photograph led experts to scan the area with state-of-the-art radar that shows a three-dimensional image of what lies underground…”:

here the aerial photograph of the amphitheatre with surrounding & following some screen shots of the steps to virtual reconstruction of the Roman Gladiator school presented at yesterday´s press conference at Petronell/ Carnuntum:

ludus gladiatorius at Carnuntum

the agenda´s topic in medial reality:

a model of old city  Carnuntum, right back the amphitheatre & Gladiator´s school in front

Dr. Markus Wachter, Mag. Franz Humer, LH Dr. Erwin Pröll, Dir.Prof. Wofgang Neubauer – proudly & media effectively presenting the archaeological discovery

in between confronted with time-shifting appearances

Hauptstraße 1A
2404 Petronell-Carnuntum

open until 15th november 2011

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