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detail of the portrait:  GERHARD PICHOWETZ, actor – Echo Media,  lightprint on canvas

a star potographer´s work thrown on canvas in a special lightprint technique: a perfect art of presentation for Ferry Nielsen´s portraits I am seduced to call “face scapes” face to face with the landscapes in these portraits of stars done for several covers of magazines & international publicity agencies – see them at the exhibition FERRY NIELSEN – BORN TO BE A SUPERSTAR, Burgenlaendische Landesgalerie in Eisenstadt, Austria until end of August.

FERRY NIELSEN amidst his portrait works & audience of the opening

details of: HERMES PHETTBERG, philosopher, Echo Media, lightprints

detail of: TONI STRICKER, musician, Face2Face, Stadtmuseum Rust

laughing in front of SONJA KIRCHBERGER´s countenance

OTTFRIED FISCHER, actor, Seitenblicke Magazin, lightprint


…WILLI RESETARITS, musician, behind wineglasses

ADAM FISCHER, Hungarian conductor observes DJ SERGIO FLORES performing at the opening

who´s the living & who the portrayed?

SERGIO FLORES, DJ & producer, Advertising Campaign, agency Transponder, London, CD AXEL VALEK

Nielsen´s double-portrait-shot of the Austrian artist for the Nitsch Foundation:

more about “Thepeoplephotographer” Ferry Nielsen (in German): The Intelligence

Ferry Nielsen – Born to be a superstar

Portraits von Stars aus Film, Kunst und Kultur

30. Juni    28. August 2011

Burgenlaendische Landesgalerie

7000 Eisenstadt, Austria

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