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author & actor as stagemanager:

Uli Brée, mastermind of the motorcycle meet Tridays introduces the team of construction & presents the Triumph-bike built after his ideas & conceptions called “Tridays-Eleven” – click here the especially installed website for more information.

specialist for travelling gear Jochen Schmitz-Linkweiler starts the new engine

Sabine Linder, Moni Brée run the merchandise cloak room, Chandiru Mawa as customer

tridesign presented by creator goldsmith Robert Deutschmann himself

some Tridays 2011 snap shots:

real British weather: it´s raining all the time, even the children of school in Newchurch have painted an umbrella on the wall

Elsa Steiner, 86, native from Neukirchen /Newchurch with native card board guardsman

Markus Linder

Markus Linder, cabaret artiste & musician as moderator of the various shows

who´s that guy?…

…that´s Mandi Brée…

…father Uli Brée takes mother-in-law out for a ride

after four days hustle & hustle the guardsmen are really tired!

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