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at the local reception Neukirchen / Newchurch, the scene of the motorbike meet Triumph Tridays 2011: “my” undercover cover as oversized poster & I asked myself: would Scot stuntman Kevin Carmichael  paint after my command with his bike a prepared canvas?

my foresight: “Gilbert meets George” & “George meets Gilbert” at the Hoferhaus in Newchurch – a part of the exhibition

 in reality I met the second day Kevin & Dirk:

motorbike stunt world champion Kevin Carmichael persuaded companion German stuntman Dirk Manderbach to join in the paint stunt performance. here both after the action – they had obviously fun – in spite of rain, what made with water the slippery  oil colour performance not easier

& finally both set by hand their autograph on the canvas baptized “Rainy Tridays´ Traces”

The Royal Borough of Newchurch has a Kevin Carmichael Road

Kevin Carmichael –“King of Newchurch” & ” Master of Clouds” in action

cabaret artiste as moderator: Markus Linder holds his nose, the others stop their ears

a guardsman-beefeater-wheelie – with black plastic owl in background

Kevin does the splits in drivin´…


…& examines how best to go on drawing his traces…

with these profiles:

Dirk shows a stunt together – a fabulous waltz with Wiebke Landwehr

see more photos by Katja Ruge about the stunt paint performance here

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