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news from the Cosmopolitan Garden, Eisenstadt, Austria: the gardeners were here: I began to plant my art blossom patches (HERE photos by launcher ARTSTAGE), Manfred Plohovits set the lavender plants, smith Johann Weigl & Autobahnmeisterei Eisenstadt prepared the metal supports, printer Cicero finished the 1001-sign:

Manfred Plohovits

dancing dog rose

the entrance sign: neues gebot zur entschleunigung / new order for slow movement

follow the project preceding: a frame for 1001 – lavender cosmos


  1. I surrender: they look good – standigt up straight. 😉 Congratulations!

  2. … from doggy shit to wry faces …
    a work in progress with nature – they will be in perfect surrounding with lavender´s heyday with white & violet-blue blossoms – in one or maybe two years…

  3. You forgot the false morels. 😀
    It’ll become beautiful, lavender always is, artifical or natural. I’ll be there to see Your blossoms then.

  4. I am enjoying the development of this medium. Yes, some of them truly look as though they are sprouting and growing. It will be interesting to see them at their peek, what they have become and to watch them deteriorate, also. Although none of us like to think of death or the full cycle of life.

  5. working with the palette of nature – en plein air – makes you aware of different natural cycles that will change your momentary views – & even your visions

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