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Daily Archives: April 24th, 2011

a quick step to Hamburg this week – a marvellous city!

I do not want to bore you with words about – enjoy the highlights of my 3 day´s photo-session:

Schanzenviertel / Flora / Schulterblatt

graffities near the Deichtorhallen:

“Jack Freak Pictures” from Gilbert & George at the Deichtorhalle

Volker Lang´s wooden ensemble  Mittsommer / midsummer reflected in Jan Tim me´s mirror of the installation we´re one but not the same

Galery Carolyn Heinz & VG&S art development: Phillip Fürhofer “Hitzefrei”

Freitag – bags

Unscharf – exhibition of Gerhard Richter´s epigones at the Kunsthalle Hamburg

a big bag for the Kunsthalle – Amanda as Marilyn by David LaChapelle