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Daily Archives: April 10th, 2011

last week medical director surgeon & artist Wolfgang Hintringer performed at the hospital Landesklinikum Weinviertel Stockerau, Austria, an operation on my left index finger restrained by morbus Dupuytren – Dupuytren´s contracture. there I saw a lot of painter Wolfgang Hintringer´s visual art on the walls – same as the day after in the hospital  Landesklinikum Weinviertel Korneuburg, where the surgeon checked the wound & changed the bandage  on my hand. I made a photographic tour through the hospital of Korneuburg – a real gallery:

Wolfgang Hintringer: “chaos implies order”

my left hand under operation, photo Dr. Wolfgang Hintringer

Dr. Hintringer´s secretary Jutta Elsinger – & some of her paintings at her workshop place. she leads me to the more hidden places of  Wolfgang Hintringer´s artwork through the hospital