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Daily Archives: February 27th, 2011

these horrible cold days – but now sun sends some warm rays earlier to enlighten man´s environment to take him forward to more time by some forelock – what for?:


to let  beat his own heart aching in a container nearby?

–  to dismember his own wide streched visons?

to scatter his inborn dreams…

… to let them wind out to spotted reality?…

… or to flatten his dreams on glazed tiled surfaces?

– NO!


Kasim Akar:  his hand feeds a supplied function for polyethylene masterBatches – & my first inspiration to “patch”

his speed in feeding forms “the patch” too

what is a patch? – read & see on my website here:    ©

& to go further in information about see blog post: rhizome & patch

my aim today: to form the warm patch with hands in several minutes to bodies – NO – to let them burst to blossoms

–  to clear away all doubts about –
&  to baptize “the patches”  to further on so-called “art blossoms”

–  you soon will see more on this blog!