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scene of action: Steyr, Austria. seen from the churchtower

Bernadette Huber´s artproject Die Macht des Tratsches – The power of gossp recently brought together with Christina Hinterleitner (chrisenberatung) some confusion to the inhabitants: „Die Macht des Tratsches. Ein Stresstest für Steyrdorf – The power of gossip. A stresstest for the village of Steyr“ was program. Here the website of the announcement of the opening of the faked brothel in Steyr´s red-light district: The return of desire

detailed reports about in German: der standard


Steyr, a small Upper Austrian city,  seems perfect as adaption for a stage & has even tradition in Punch & Judy show on such a traditional & serious stage as Steyrer-Kripperl:

cousin Franz Divinzenz gave the watchman in a short performance for his relatives & lead after the show behind the scenes

inside a  brothel? – oh no!:

historical Nadettes?

oh no! – serious historical citizens!



oh no! – participants of the Nativity play Steyrer-Kripperl

after the show walking aside the red-light district through the main street last month I felt the need to raise my  eyes:  signs / aushaengeschilder in the sky:

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