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Monthly Archives: November 2010

helping to deliver some hay for horses to Kleylehof (no borders, no nations, no governments), Nickelsdorf, Austria, I took the chance to visit sculptor Franz Gyolcs living & working there next Hungarian border like an hermit.

Franz still (see post from 2007 here) works on his stonewalls around the arena he finished this summer in front of his studio: “will be the last day, it´too cold in the meantime.”

Franz Gyolcs

proudly he shows his technique of laying the stones without cement: “at least I handle every stone seven times”

“it accomodates around 500 people”, he tells

Franz Gyolcs, master of Kleylehof: “I do not know how to call it – has the form of an egg – the origin of all – is it landart?”

Franz opens for us his gallery with wooden sculptures

Franz´cat “Bronstein” alias “Trotzki” (successor of dead cat “Lenin”) visits the kings

“king” & “angel”

“Trotzki” pokes its nose into the “death” behind “angel”

& finally admires the “angel”

Franz Gyolcs “the last shower”, popular wood

Franz Gyolcs “death” painted wood

Franz Gyolcs “Pieta – Descent from the Cross”

servant death: “my wardrobe”, Franz grins before inviting us to a cup of tea

“the golden shower” at the entrance of the “eggplace”

Andreas Roseneder   rimmed flag I oil with brush & tire tread pattern on canvas 2010

Andreas Roseneder   rimmed flag II oil with brush & tire tread pattern on canvas 2010

that´s it!

oil with tire tread pattern on paper

Andreas Roseneder  rimmed seaside oil with brush & tire tread pattern on paper 2010

it´s an oily heavy duty to create good old Union Jack with rimmed bridgestone battlax bike tire profiles – an exeeding boxstop!

see also: wag the flag

scene of action: Steyr, Austria. seen from the churchtower

Bernadette Huber´s artproject Die Macht des Tratsches – The power of gossp recently brought together with Christina Hinterleitner (chrisenberatung) some confusion to the inhabitants: „Die Macht des Tratsches. Ein Stresstest für Steyrdorf – The power of gossip. A stresstest for the village of Steyr“ was program. Here the website of the announcement of the opening of the faked brothel in Steyr´s red-light district: The return of desire

detailed reports about in German: der standard


Steyr, a small Upper Austrian city,  seems perfect as adaption for a stage & has even tradition in Punch & Judy show on such a traditional & serious stage as Steyrer-Kripperl:

cousin Franz Divinzenz gave the watchman in a short performance for his relatives & lead after the show behind the scenes

inside a  brothel? – oh no!:

historical Nadettes?

oh no! – serious historical citizens!



oh no! – participants of the Nativity play Steyrer-Kripperl

after the show walking aside the red-light district through the main street last month I felt the need to raise my  eyes:  signs / aushaengeschilder in the sky:

Saint George meets Saint Patrick – together we will rim the flag! …

… & close the door

first release of my work for “undercover cover” – TRIDAYS