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Monthly Archives: October 2010

video by Daniel Eselböck

painting performance Andreas Roseneder / photos by Alexandra Preinsberger

environment changing : compare Mid European summer´s blogpost

Ernst Molden & Willi Resetarits the 23rd of october 2010 on stage at Stand Up Club, Fischamend, Austria

Ernst Molden – numma zum waana – video

is a dod da mau
(M + T: Ernst Molden)

is a dod da mau is a dod da mau
is a dod da mau is a scho gschduam
is a dod da mau is a dod da mau
is a dod da mau oda schdiabd a easchd muagn 

en berger en blaha en sedladschek
aan wiads heit no dawischn
zwischn krizznduaf und da kuchelau
weaman ausn wossa fischn

is a dod da mau …

waun da aana vo schuid darzöd
sog eam du kennsd nur schuldn
und waun eam des ned in sein schedl ged
na daun muass a se no geduldn

is a dod da mau …

a haufn rozzn rennd en easchdn beziak
zeen zwöfdosnd oda mea
vü z vü rozzn fi a so an klaan beziak
und ma frogd se wo kummans hea

is a dod da mau …

Willi Resetarits

die presse

10 days sliped by since this moments (photos by artstage & Traute Macom, video here) I was creeping over the paper – & you can´t imagine how I enjoyed this one moment the three men below celebrated their last handles to complete the running exhibition AQUA – simply watercolours? – Thank you guys!

nature is simple: sometimes it builds an enlightened street up to heaven next human design & technique – as it  did on heaven at my arrival at Neudoerfl yesterday night.

“design meets technique” was the declared motto for an exhibition of Alfred Tuma´s works at the showroom of Neudoerfler Office Systems. what I first saw expressed by environment: simple. straightforward. aesthetic,  simply more office – but I did not expect MOTION:

take place

have a look

design & intelligence: capisco by Håg, Norway, in front expressive painting out of design by Adolf Tuma

the management represented by Mag. Doris Bock & the politicians Dieter Posch, Major of Neudoerfl & Dr. Manfred Moser, 3rd president of the Landtag Burgenland layed particular stress on the necessarity to bring art out of the showroom …

… to the halls of the producing firm …


(a worker´s sprayed tracks)

… led the audience through manufacturing plants …

… where finally Adolf Tuma refered about his graphic work in front of a huge wall pattered with overseized plotted pictures of the originals first to be seen at the showroom.

back at the showroom: flowers for the lady & spots taken out of Tuma´s triptych Neusiedlersee