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first time that a representative cross-section of artworks from the Swiss Beyeler Collection is to be seen on display in Austria – they were selected by Rudolf Leopold & his wife Elisabeth personally, reflecting their own choice of view of the famous collection hold by Fondation Beyeler in Basel. Both collectors – Ernst Beyeler & Rudolf Leopold have died this year & could not be witness of yesterday´s opening of the exhibition CÉZANNE – PICASSO – GIACOMETTI – Meisterwerke der Fondation Beyeler / masterworks from the Fondation Beyeler at the Leopold Museum, MQ Vienna. – on the other hand “their” chosen artists, all dead too, testified through the presence of their living art-eyes in Vienna they all are assembled  in high society of art:

Joseph Beuys´eye seen by Andy Warhol

Joseph Beuys by Andy Warhol reflected in an anonymous wooden Rapa Nui face

Andy Warhol´s eye itself (- what has happened with the colours through the lense of my Leica..?) – the original:

Andy Warhol self-portrait ©LM

a Melanesean wooden sculpture of a bird in Roy Lichtenstein´s eye

the eye-head of the wooden bird from Lemakot, New Ireland, Melanesea

Francis Bacon´s brushsroke creates a twinkering eye…

… beside anonymous eyes from Alaska are staring at him

Picasso rounds & destroys women´s & cat´s eyes

where Max Ernst looks in other outer spheres

Léger´s Clock looks…

… even more than his portraited woman

Alberto Giacometti creates his eyes with lines…

… whereas Henri Matisse knots the eyes of his bronzen bust

even Jackson Pollock trickles pupils…

… & Wassily Kandinsky draws eyebrows

Marc Chagall´s animal …

…& Paul Klees posessed & arrowed eyes – please excuse the unsharpeness of the camera-glimpse

Claude Monet´s floral eyes stare at me –

… but why all the other anonymous wooden non-European heads are slit-eyed?:

´cause they are masks?

or enlightened masters from the southern Fang-region, Gabon?

an exeption: this master from Mumuye-region, Nigeria stares out of his helmet like a star-wars-warrior…

… & meets an open eye on Barnett Newman´s canvas

journalists use their second eye – as I do…

…& their shadows take a walk on Paul Cézanne´s Road at the top of the Chemin des Lauves

noteworthy:  – at the press-conference a hunting spirit figure stands beside…

…arthunters: the representants of Leopold Museum, Elisabeth Leopold & Sam Keller, director of the Foundation Beyeler

(center background: Pablo Picasso, Woman (“Desmoiselles d´Avignon” period), by Rudolf & Elisabeth Leopold declared as exhibition´s  favorite artwork)

Cézanne – Picasso – Giacometti, …

Masterpieces from the Fondation Beyeler

Leopold Museum Vienna

from 17.09.’10 – 17.01.’11

all artworks seen through this eye:

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