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Andreas Roseneder    Hellenic Sun Shell,    interference acrylic on metal,  2010

Enjoying my recent stay on the island Ikaria in the Greek Pelagos I initially felt glad to have escaped daily information & scaring news on screens & papers. The soothing calm view out of the rent house in Faro/Fanari to the nearby island Fourni shaped on horizon made that emotionally more easy:

One day accompagning Paul (he runs the bar Fos Fanari on Faros´ beach) on his shopping-trips to main town Agios Kirikos  I was on looking for some workable round plates for my pictural ideas on interference acrylic technique under Hellenic sun –  always aware of  last media´s hot spots on Deepwater Horizon, this biological RoundUp on maritime environment. What I found here in Icaria´s landscape was more than mere information about tracks of human activity  amidst the Mexican Gulf or on the soils of Texas: the rusty upper shells of a modern amphora – the industrial oil-barrel.

I started my individual “archaeological” recherches…

…allways followed by ships & wrecks

Back at the bar Fos Fanari a native gave a helpful hint for better search at the local electricity power station

There I even found the vivid coloured pallette for my enterprise

– & finally saw them! – my plates!:

…got up to an imaginary studio on the terrace of the house on the beach…

there we all were in good mood

rolled over the beach

& opened a virtual exhibition

POSEidon I

Andreas Roseneder   Hellenic Inverted Sun, interference acrylic on metal, 2010

all plates you may particullary see here

– & have a comparing look at the esthetical view of American photographer Benjamin Lowy on DeepWaterHorizon´s far-reaching outcomes:  oil on water – the colours on oil surface remember me to the effects of the interfence acrylics I used on Ikaria!

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