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Daily Archives: June 17th, 2010

cutting red onions to prepare some Italian sugo for lunch today noon & destroying the concentric circles of the bulbs with my knife I recognized the necessarity to do some adds into the dark picture I had scetched  in acrylic colours some days before –  imaginating a terrific scene in the Gulf of Mexico

the onions jumped virtually (& visually) into the water:

to give rise to a malstrom in my painting bucket

Andreas Roseneder   the red bulb globe shell acrylics on canvas 2010

done that I put my knife – my beloved leatherman-super-tool – into my pocket & drove out to the next village: Mr. Leatherman himself signed men´s tools ( pardon, I did not catch sight of a woman but the saleswomen ) there on the occasion of the opening of a new Leatherman-store in Hof / Leithagebirge, Lower Austria. Mr. Tim Leatherman opened my tool & noticed after a short glimpse through his spectacles: ” It was born in August 1995″.  – “Oh, a lion, best bite”, I thought.

Mr. Timothy S. Leatherman signating one of “his” tools – oh no!,  – it´s “mine”!

why the hell I had the feeling I have ever missed a meeting with  Mr. Timothy F. Leary ?