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what an engaged painter could see through the lens of his Leica this afternoon at the Volksgarten, Vienna:

a flashback into Erich´s Chaos for me – & for other “elder” children in heart too, I think

after all: it was Lena´s birthday party, actor Erich Schleyer (he recently celebrated his 70th!) congratulates her for the 10th

perfect body control in the face of stony circumstances: acrobat Felix Kriegleder,

painter´s  workingplace between BBQ station & tables

Andreas Roseneder  Maya watercolours on paper, 65 x 50 cm

some hours before I had visited the new opened exhibition of Austrian actionist & painter OTTO MUEHL at the Leopold Museum, Museumsquarter Vienna:

saw that & read the accompagning sentences on a wall:

“der künstler läuft gefahr, von seiner eigenen kunst aufgefressen zu werden. die himmelfahrt wird zum höllensturz. wer kunst als lebensersatz missbraucht, endet im irrenhaus oder im selbstmord.”

“the artist runs the risk of being devoured by his own art. the artist´s ascension becomes a descent into hell. he who misuses art as a proxy life ends up in the insane asylum or in suicide.”

(Otto Muehl,  Kunst-Leben-Sexualität / art-life-sexuality, 2002)

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