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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Andreas Roseneder  éclair floral AquaBrique on Canson paper 152 x 96 cm, 2010


Andreas Roseneder   the blue fruit patch interference acrylics on polyethylen 2010

Andreas Roseneder  the eggfruit globe buoy acrylics on canvas 2010

cutting red onions to prepare some Italian sugo for lunch today noon & destroying the concentric circles of the bulbs with my knife I recognized the necessarity to do some adds into the dark picture I had scetched  in acrylic colours some days before –  imaginating a terrific scene in the Gulf of Mexico

the onions jumped virtually (& visually) into the water:

to give rise to a malstrom in my painting bucket

Andreas Roseneder   the red bulb globe shell acrylics on canvas 2010

done that I put my knife – my beloved leatherman-super-tool – into my pocket & drove out to the next village: Mr. Leatherman himself signed men´s tools ( pardon, I did not catch sight of a woman but the saleswomen ) there on the occasion of the opening of a new Leatherman-store in Hof / Leithagebirge, Lower Austria. Mr. Tim Leatherman opened my tool & noticed after a short glimpse through his spectacles: ” It was born in August 1995″.  – “Oh, a lion, best bite”, I thought.

Mr. Timothy S. Leatherman signating one of “his” tools – oh no!,  – it´s “mine”!

why the hell I had the feeling I have ever missed a meeting with  Mr. Timothy F. Leary ?

Niki de Saint Phalle Dragon polyester painted 1975

The Essl Museum at Klosterneuburg, Vienna had opened its doors this weekend with free entrance & painting workshops for children

Nike de Saint Phalle  Nana Écartellée 1965, wire mesh, wool, cloth, paint

Niki de Saint Phalle  Nana (Petite Gwendolyne I) , 1963  papier maché painted, cloth, paint on metal base

Niki de Saint Phalle  Dragon de Berlin rabbit fence, different objects on wooden door, 1963

detail Dragon de Berlin

Nike de Saint Phalle La Mariée à Cheval 1963-97

details of La Mariée à Cheval 1963-97

details of Obelisque de Miroirs, 1993

Niki de Saint Phalle  Magicien – House of Meditation, model for Jardin des Tarots, polyester painted 1978

Niki de Saint Phalle  La Tempérance model for Jardin des Tarots, polyester painted 1985

Chinese scholar´s rock   Linglong Ying stone  1845

Max Weiler Im Wald / In the woods polyptich painting, 1968/69, egg tempera on chipboard

Chinese scholar´s rock, stone in the shape of a bizzar rock, old hardwood base with wave motif, dark grey limestone with white calcite vein (yingshi), 18-19th century

Max Weiler    Landschaftsveränderungen polyptich painting, 1966, egg tempera on chipboard

Chinese scholar´s rock,  stone on natural root wood base, boulder, 1885

Max Weiler Die grosse Landschaftsverwandlung polyptich painting 1968 egg tempera on chipboard

at the end I saw a quiet communication in a room installed in memoriam the recently died Austrian sculptor Bruno Gironcoli:

jeder gärtner schwärmt gern augenblicks vom zauber seines gartens – & hat zuvor viel vom eigen werken, graben, stechen, binden, düngen, “umdrehen”, dann vom kurzen glück im wachsen, gedeihen seiner pflänzchen darin geprochen:

“ALLES dreht sich um”, sagt er, aber in seiner stimme kommt kein zeitlos blitz auf wie LICHT, hier wie dort ewig im ursprung.

doch nicht nur er, auch sein gast hat darauf hin  beim anblick der blendend blüte ROSE plötzlich ein lächeln auf den lippen, ja beide tragen es gemeinsam breit & stolz augeknospt in ihren gesichtern:

kurz entlockt die rose eine ahnung für beide, was denn LICHT sei –  auch wenn´s hier in nachhinein nur blendend widerscheinend auf papier aufblitzt, bloss gespiegelt im fließend wasser darauf.

– kurz gefasst durch die erdung im rahmen der krautig wuchernd stechenden DISTEL.

ma palette d´AquaBrique – exposée au midi; et moi,  j´attends la lumière du soleil

enfin –  fini:   schlußendlich blendend papier, gesättigt, bemalt:

Andreas Roseneder  seasonal aggregates III: distelrose / thistlerose watercolours on paper, 152 x 96 cm, 2010

Andreas Roseneder  seasonal aggregates III: rosenspirale / rosehelix watercolours on paper 113 x 80 cm, 2010

what an engaged painter could see through the lens of his Leica this afternoon at the Volksgarten, Vienna:

a flashback into Erich´s Chaos for me – & for other “elder” children in heart too, I think

after all: it was Lena´s birthday party, actor Erich Schleyer (he recently celebrated his 70th!) congratulates her for the 10th

perfect body control in the face of stony circumstances: acrobat Felix Kriegleder,

painter´s  workingplace between BBQ station & tables

Andreas Roseneder  Maya watercolours on paper, 65 x 50 cm

some hours before I had visited the new opened exhibition of Austrian actionist & painter OTTO MUEHL at the Leopold Museum, Museumsquarter Vienna:

saw that & read the accompagning sentences on a wall:

“der künstler läuft gefahr, von seiner eigenen kunst aufgefressen zu werden. die himmelfahrt wird zum höllensturz. wer kunst als lebensersatz missbraucht, endet im irrenhaus oder im selbstmord.”

“the artist runs the risk of being devoured by his own art. the artist´s ascension becomes a descent into hell. he who misuses art as a proxy life ends up in the insane asylum or in suicide.”

(Otto Muehl,  Kunst-Leben-Sexualität / art-life-sexuality, 2002)

John Owen Mittelmeer Licht, see original HERE, 2009

aquarell/watercolour, 35 x 26 cm

Victoria Sophie Bertotti Bird : love aquarell/watercolour 12,5 x 18 cm

both works are to be seen at the Leopold Museum Museumsquarter Vienna until 28th of June

enter here another Owen, number 19:

“The real art in ART is to be able to arrange marks in such a way that, simply by leading the eye around the composition of your painting, your ideas and emotions are transmitted to another person.”

John Owen

& leave with the blue house of “master of dark blue”, Austrian painter Josef Dobrowsky (the picture was part of the exhibition “Hidden Treasures of Austrian Watercolour Art”):

Josef Dobrowsky Blaues Haus in St. Margarethen, um 1935, guache on paper

OH! GOd what have I done today? –

& who does really need a confirmation of life?:

Andreas Roseneder   the steadfast line watercolour AquaBrique on

Canson-paper  152 x 90 cm  2010

Onopordum acanthium – Eselsdistel

I am cultivating the cotton thistle together with the teasel thistle in my garden

today I continued preparations for my next show patchWORKS on 3th of july in the ambience of my garden as stage:

& painting again on my patches I remembered I recently was asked to share facebook –  here is my (cryptic?) answer: facepatch

Andreas Roseneder facepatch acrylics on poliethylen & canvas 2010

– or better this one?:

NO! – sorry,  that´s my gardener!