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Monthly Archives: May 2010

busy today in painting my favorit poppies in watercolour technique I found myself with the blossoms of  papaver orientalis in my sacred garden & asked myself wether the eruption of Eyafallajökull might have had any influence to the weather in Middle Europe: it was rainig all over month may here in Eastern Austria , not as usual: fucking weather & bad conditions for my touchy oriental poppies – but  best conditions  to continue my engagement for the watercolour-series “seasonal aggragates” – between the stormy showers & raindrops I gave off an expressive eruption in red – summer is forthcoming for some sensitive spotters as I am:

curious buds & fucking interpretation on paper

Andreas Roseneder  fucked by  the moment I , watercolours on Arches-paper, 2010

my buddy hit by raindrops & my brushstrokes treating it on paper

more water, up & down, – here we go:

Andreas Roseneder   fucked by the moment II,  watercolours aquaBriques on Arches-paper, 2010

Andreas Roseneder   the Zsolnay fruit patch acrylics & interference acrylics on poliethylen  2010

I was inspired & used some shades of the famous Zsolnay palette on ceramics – & I placed it next the golden fruit patch / medaille d´or into the red stripe under the roof of the house:

Alberto Giacometti  Diego assis lisant le journal 1952-53, detail á la lumière de la lampe à l´atelier – flottant comme un œil devant les yeux du spectateur

True, I did not know Alberto Giacometti had a brother who assisted him in preparations for creating his sculptures. Here at the MdM MÖNCHSBERG in Salzburg I saw last weekend Alberto´s fantastic brozen bust of his brother Diego; & the painted snapshot of Diego reading in his atelier too – done with  expressive & certain brushstrokes.  Facial portrait-fixated in reception of art I found an enormous  treasure of art´s history at MdM´s exhibition “Gipfeltreffen der Moderne – Das Kunstmuseum Winterthur”. –  See & enjoy – the exhibition ends the 30th of may!

Alberto Giacometti, Buste de Diego, bronce 1955

Alberto  Giacometti  Diego assis lisant le journal 1952-53

Sitzender Diego, die Zeitung lesend

Auguste Rodin

Vincent van Gogh  Joseph Roulin, oil on canvas,  1888

Oskar Kokoschka    Hugo Caro,  oil on canvas, 1910

Pablo Picasso   Filette au cerceau,   guache, 6.6.1920

Tony Craigg – his first hidden & then streched profile leads me out of the MdM


Mönchsberg 32

A –  5020 Salzburg

43 662 84 22 20   –

Andreas Roseneder  the golden fruit patch/medaille d´or poliethylen patch with acrylics &  interference arylics 2010

– & I found a right place for the golden fruit patch on my red stripe under the roof of the house, weather is rainy – still waiting for a bright morning  sun to bring the interference colours to shine…

similar patches to be seen here: my tear patches

Evelina Arapidi, chromaticsequence, this night with  ALLOU FUN DARK – stories of a dark night at aera, Vienna

ephemeris II (see ephemeris I  here), same day in the evening: Sabine Gschwind´s watercolour painting  with a more than curious visitor at the exhibition “Tomorrow´s masters” in conjunction with the exhibition “Hidden Treasures of Austrian Watercolour Painting” at the Leopold Museum, MQ Vienna

ephemeride april 30th 2010 – Esterházy Palace at Eisenstadt with a soldier in the sky

yesterday my new website was set online under “my own” domain. – hope it will stay no ephemeris, a spot for one day – & be sure an English version will come soon! here the link – & take  a look to the news please:

thank you, artstage!

Dorretta Carter

SOAK-summerSTARTup last friday at Casino Baumgarten, Vienna: Dorretta at her best: she´s rythm – what´s soul, what´s funk? –  do not ask  –  hear & see her! –  I have shot some photos from that gig for you:

colour your voice with Dorretta on Zakynthos in June!


patchdrops I call my new poliethylen MasterBatches, painted & coloured with interference acrylics.  – with the sunlight the colours are changing, therefore I placed them outside up on a wall of our house, near to the sky & clouds.

Andreas Roseneder  blossom of spring AquaBrique on Canson-paper 153 x 96 cm 2010

blossom of spring, detail

for more information about my recent work in the technique of watercolours under title “seasonal aggregates”  see also post seasonal aggregates I

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