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Following fotos from the opening of the exhibition Art Brut / Outsider Art – Internationale & österreichische Kunst der Außenseiter Zdenka Infeld had invited to the Infeld House of Culture, Halbturn last Friday:

August Walla, details of the scenery for

Moša Šišic & the Gypsy Express (all performers members of the family). The band led the audience with Balkan Modern over Macedonia, Greece & Turkey through the visual world of  more than 20 artists “living on the edge”, shy maverics, sheer naives, crazy maniacs & fantastic visionaries, all artists non-professionals & not influenced by the art historical mainstreams.

Jasmina Šišic

Joachim Luetke brings in Spanish dancing style to the East European sound

visitors in front of oilpaintings by  Wano Meliaschwili:  Fürs Vaterland / for fatherland 1981

Moša Šišic

Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern detail

3 works by Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern

André Robillard Gewehre / rifles 1995

André Robillard  Schlange / snake  1998

André Robillard  Armstrong sur le planet Mars, about 2001

Martha Grünenwaldt Frauenbildnis / portrait of a woman, 1995

Martha Grünenwaldt  without title, detail

Martha Grünenwaldt, Vogel / bird, about 1991

Michel Nedjar Belleville Paris 1992

Franz Gyolcs (in front of Michael von Nathusius & Michel Nedjar on the wall)

Petrvich Pavel Leonov, Pushkin near Moscow in the village Petushki, 1998, detail

Oswald Tschirtner

François Burland Homo bicus Bicus, 1994

François Burland Homo bicus Bicus, 1994

Josef Wittlich Zwei Frauen aus Modekatalog / two woman from a fashion catalogue, detail, 1967

Ida Buchmann without title, about 1989

Johann Fischer Das Jahr 1907 / the year 1907, 2001, detail

Johann Korec Du Elephantenkuh küß mich pitte, pitte 1974

Jean Dubuffet Paysage avec 2 perssonnages, 1980

a talk in front of works by Anselme Boix-Vives,  sans titre, guache 1962-63

Franz Janz Umschlagmappe “Die 8. Weihung” / map cover “the 8th consecration”, 2004, in follow papers & details out of this map:

at  Infeld Haus der Kultur / Infeld House of Culture are to be seen until 13th June 2010 more works by following artists, too:

André Bauchant, Gaston Chaissac, Madge Gill, Franz Kernbeis, Max Raffler, Krynicki Nikifor, Adolf Wölfli

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