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Andreas Roseneder   mein flecken land temporary sculpture 2010


  1. LOL!
    seems to have same shape as switzerland
    portrait of an aging painter?

  2. I love your idea of painting art in snow…. so temporal.

  3. more cow-pat than Swiss borderline
    just the portrait of a painter changing to a sculptor by going an apparent easy way – was not too easy but I was lucky the night-wind formed the right scape out of my face-print of the day before. yes – saw myself aging one day more with the disappearance of the day – afterwards searching the key of my car I lost during the performance the day before in the snow…
    temporary sculpture, yes – vanishing with the day

    I´ve been inspired & send you both some enlarged & “painted” photos of the portrait – without the painter´s promised land
    – & take a look to my newest post – a portrait with trunk, done on the same day!

  4. I prefer the one without artificial enhancements. These are too awesome for words, they are like cloud sculptures. What fun!!

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