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Daily Archives: January 28th, 2010

„Just a metaphorical trap“ gives Austrian painter Hubert Scheibl as response to the question of a journalist, why he had chosen the title „fat ducks“ for his current art-show of eight huge canvases, more than fifty works on paper, sculptures & a central installation in the rotunda at the Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg next Vienna. „Nowadays we are all stuffed like poultry to get slaughtered one day“, he jokes – seriously.

Hubert Scheibl refers passionately about the installation around the scull-sculpture Crocodillo inbalsamata, brings human´s & reptile´s brains in comparison, the reduction of ours faced in confrontation with friends or enemies to the standard of the reptiles, initial results by instinct… – now back to the original instinct of the painter: Scheidl startet his carreer in the 80th´s  – “I´ve bought the first picture 1983”, collector Karlheinz Essl remembers.

two overseized canvases titeled Vielen Dank für das unterhaltsame Spiel / many thanks for the very amusing game Das ist eine sehr schöne Zeichnung, Dave / that´s a very good drawing, Dave, both painted in 2008

“Particulary these large formats do put me under enormous pressure. There is always the fear that the paint may dry off. Usually I finish a painting in a day. You have to get everything just right – then it´s over. Of course things may go wrong now & then, but actually I like a piece to put me under pressure, to become an urgent necessity.” – I know that from experience. – There is no more satisfaction for a painter then the moment  the pressure finally has settled to the canvas to enliven his vision – seldom but best case even improved.

Alles verläuft nach Wunsch / everything went smoothly & Das ist eine sehr schöne Zeichnung, Dave / that´s a very good drawing, Dave, (both 2001: Odyssee im Weltraum / 2001: A Space Odyssey), painted in 2008

parts of the installation DELPHI, 2008/2009

Was da kommt, kann man nicht aufhalten (No Country for Old Men) 3.60 x 5.10 meters, 2008 – I ask Hubert Scheibel about the background of his titels. “They are often quotations from films, the Coen Brothers for instance, I like their films” – read more about in German: Markus Mittringer, Der Standard: Fette Enten ungestört im Krokoteich

the rotunda, mixed media installation, realized in 2009 – Scheibl: “We brought in 8 tons of shredded tyres. the scull is placed on original Ferrari-tyres we went for to the Salzburg-Ring.” – the smell of burned rubber fills the air.

drawing I and You e, 2009

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz´ binary code printed on the reptile´s scull, the human scull enbeded – “I have started out from the idea about the evolution of the brain, which has always been fascinating to me, & I have tried to trace this development of instincts & drive up as far as the emergence of cultural awareness in a playful manner. With the combination we have become more or less the most dangerous creature this planet has to offer.”

Nicotine on Silverscreen, 2009

Hubert Scheibl talks with organizer Andreas Hoffer

video von Karlheinz Essl jr. : Presseführung

the oiltraces & scratches of an engaged painter



29/1/10 – 02/05/10, Large Hall
Curator: Hubert Scheibl
Exhibition organisation: Daniela Balogh, Andreas Hoffer

the collector´s choice: a talk in traditional surroundings (Hundertwasser/Avramidis)


29/01 – 07/11/10, Exhibition Hall and Small Hall
Curator: Prof. Karlheinz Essl
Exhibition management: Andreas Hoffer, Günther Oberhollenzer

Alfons Schilling

Mimmo Paladino

Tony Cragg

ESSL MUSEUM – Contemporary Art

René Desor for PANNOrama 010 01