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Daily Archives: January 24th, 2010

Andreas Roseneder   finch on ice interference acrylic on poliethylen masterBatch 2010

some of the bird´s feathers still ahere to the windowpane he flaped against & let its body die on the glassroof beneath

seasonal aggregates I

the paper tightened on a board streched on frozen snow: stress from the first moment. cold water in a cup getting a thin ice-layer on surface. I break twith a watered & frozen brushtip through the iceskin , moving the brush to defrost it in the icy water. the prepared dissolved watercolours in their metalbox are nearly frozen too, the tip of he brush must absorb them at the moment with one movement & paint the paper by rush wipers: the colours slowly run over the surface & get chilled imediately on the paper: the second stroke already moves along an icetrack, must be done fast, the third or fourth the tip of the brush will be frozen again & stop the painting. time to camber the board with the paper to crush the icelayer where wanted, to defrost the tip of the brush & the metalcase with the colours to start the proceeding a second time. doing that the colour will freeze on the first layers, colour the spots without ice  & sink into the crevices of the broken layers to the bottom of paper. in the best case you will see developing iceflowers. to conserve them on the paper keep it some days outside at weather conditions of minus degrees – the icelayers have to evaporate slowly to keep the tender & vulnerable flowers.

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