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Bob Curtis   Stain Glass Image

I met Bob 2004 first time as painter on the Greek island Zakynthos, always thought him to be a dancer before.  An ingenious dancer, an extraordinary teacher of so called Afro Contemporary Dance, as he moved & taught at a summerstage the previous years. In summer 2004 he occupied the rooms of the appartment next to mine & when he came up the hill from seaside – a long in slow but vigorous rythm changing silhouette emerging from the landscape of the island – back from his course, he settled after teatime with a table on the shaded patio to paint. In those days it seemed to me he was painting through a pane of thin glass, smooth & fragile as his movements. Recently I looked forward to meet him next year again at the summeracademy´s stage. To meet him as dancer. To ask as painter the dancer some courteous questions (painting & dancing is an intense unity in the space of art – ten years ago I was lucky to perform “The Painter The Image & The Dance” with the Move On Dance Group of eight dancers directed by American dancer Grant McDaniel I met on Zakynthos too)

Tomorrow will be Bob´s funeral at the central cemetery of Vienna –  at the age of 84 he has closed his circle of life.

“I don´t have a point where I see it´s ending  – for me it goes on forever.” (Bob Curtis)

Did you already enter your magical garden, Bob? – What about the “sleeping dancer”? – Gimme a message, please!

Bob Curtis Magic Garden

Bob Curtis – In Memoriam – a video by Christoph Dostal

Bob Curtis at the Summeracademy Zakynthos – an obituary notice (in German) by Wolfgang Löhnert (Sommerakademie Griechenland)

book: Bob Curtis – Hohepriester des Afro Contemporary Dance /  High Priest of Afro Contemporary Dance: folio

Bob Curtis  Structured Lines White


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