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more photos about the open weekend “Christmas-exhibition” at Infeld-House of Culture, the first act of the performance see previous post: exited Congomilk I (or just scroll down the previous two posts)

the actors Frank Hoffmann & Stephan Paryla-Raky reading, performing & treating the audience at their best with christmas-poems, -letters & -stories at the opening – an exemptional pleasure!

I am standing in front of Fanz Vana,  Zdenka Infeld & next curator Gerhard Kisser like swallowed up a broom – a momentary target hit by the spotlight – or is it a virtual snowball? (photo Traute Macom)

Franz Vana, without title, graphite on canvas

Andreas Roseneder, …geschweige denn Mythos  & Farbwasserbewegungen, watercolours on laminated paper

“…geschweige denn Mythos”, Aquarell 150 x 150cm

Andreas Roseneder  Hi Teddy watercolors on Canson-paper, 3.30 x 1.50 meters

with Julie Küster & Adolf Tuma

bluEYE patch, Mysterious Monk & Croatian Madonna

violonist Toni Stricker leaves the exhibition

Zdenka Infeld talking with Gerhard Kisser

Andreas Roseneder   mission into icy lands ice-flowered watercolours on paper

Franz Wieser (right) with  Adolf Tuma

Franz Wieser   transparency high grade steel

Franz Wieser   silence I high grade steel

Michael von Nathusius searching the key to close the gallery

Franz Vana, 1975-2009, mixed media on cardboard & wood

Eduard Shugle Hois   electrical language leather on cardboard

some of my poliethylen patches (more about scroll down here) are standing in the garden of Infeld-House:

Joseph Haydn on the Royal Blue Patch slowly losing his acrylic sur-face: fading with the year of the 200year-celebrities back to the death-mask

Weihnachtsausstellung – Verkaufsausstellung
Eduard „Shugle“ Hois
Erwin Moravitz
Petra Neulinger
Andreas Rosenender
Franz Vana
Franz Wieser
4.12.2009 19.00 (opening) – 20.12.2009

PARKSTR. 13 TEL+FAX 02172/20123

Öffnungszeiten: Donnerstag-Sonntag und Feiertag
13.00 – 18.00 o. nach tel. Vereinbarung

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