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Monthly Archives: December 2009


Andreas Roseneder    EyeHeartPatch bricolage with poliethylen masterBatch 2009

EyeHeartPatch,  detail

Andreas Roseneder   melting time patch vinyl on canvas & clockwork in poliethylen masterBatch enbeded, 2009


der minutenzeiger
hinter stundenglas
durchs tagebuch
im wochenbett
der monatswehen


by René Desor “SUD#SATZ – interessiert mich nicht die bohne / aber den kaffee / den trink ich”, 1992

Bob Curtis   Stain Glass Image

I met Bob 2004 first time as painter on the Greek island Zakynthos, always thought him to be a dancer before.  An ingenious dancer, an extraordinary teacher of so called Afro Contemporary Dance, as he moved & taught at a summerstage the previous years. In summer 2004 he occupied the rooms of the appartment next to mine & when he came up the hill from seaside – a long in slow but vigorous rythm changing silhouette emerging from the landscape of the island – back from his course, he settled after teatime with a table on the shaded patio to paint. In those days it seemed to me he was painting through a pane of thin glass, smooth & fragile as his movements. Recently I looked forward to meet him next year again at the summeracademy´s stage. To meet him as dancer. To ask as painter the dancer some courteous questions (painting & dancing is an intense unity in the space of art – ten years ago I was lucky to perform “The Painter The Image & The Dance” with the Move On Dance Group of eight dancers directed by American dancer Grant McDaniel I met on Zakynthos too)

Tomorrow will be Bob´s funeral at the central cemetery of Vienna –  at the age of 84 he has closed his circle of life.

“I don´t have a point where I see it´s ending  – for me it goes on forever.” (Bob Curtis)

Did you already enter your magical garden, Bob? – What about the “sleeping dancer”? – Gimme a message, please!

Bob Curtis Magic Garden

Bob Curtis – In Memoriam – a video by Christoph Dostal

Bob Curtis at the Summeracademy Zakynthos – an obituary notice (in German) by Wolfgang Löhnert (Sommerakademie Griechenland)

book: Bob Curtis – Hohepriester des Afro Contemporary Dance /  High Priest of Afro Contemporary Dance: folio

Bob Curtis  Structured Lines White

driving today through the countryside I saw this house wave swamping the hills next St. Margarethen, Burgenland.

“a rural answer”, I thought in comparison to Erwin Wurm´s installation house attack realized on top of the MUMOK, Vienna 2006 – “- & less agressive, indeed”

more photos about the open weekend “Christmas-exhibition” at Infeld-House of Culture, the first act of the performance see previous post: exited Congomilk I (or just scroll down the previous two posts)

the actors Frank Hoffmann & Stephan Paryla-Raky reading, performing & treating the audience at their best with christmas-poems, -letters & -stories at the opening – an exemptional pleasure!

I am standing in front of Fanz Vana,  Zdenka Infeld & next curator Gerhard Kisser like swallowed up a broom – a momentary target hit by the spotlight – or is it a virtual snowball? (photo Traute Macom)

Franz Vana, without title, graphite on canvas

Andreas Roseneder, …geschweige denn Mythos  & Farbwasserbewegungen, watercolours on laminated paper

“…geschweige denn Mythos”, Aquarell 150 x 150cm

Andreas Roseneder  Hi Teddy watercolors on Canson-paper, 3.30 x 1.50 meters

with Julie Küster & Adolf Tuma

bluEYE patch, Mysterious Monk & Croatian Madonna

violonist Toni Stricker leaves the exhibition

Zdenka Infeld talking with Gerhard Kisser

Andreas Roseneder   mission into icy lands ice-flowered watercolours on paper

Franz Wieser (right) with  Adolf Tuma

Franz Wieser   transparency high grade steel

Franz Wieser   silence I high grade steel

Michael von Nathusius searching the key to close the gallery

Franz Vana, 1975-2009, mixed media on cardboard & wood

Eduard Shugle Hois   electrical language leather on cardboard

some of my poliethylen patches (more about scroll down here) are standing in the garden of Infeld-House:

Joseph Haydn on the Royal Blue Patch slowly losing his acrylic sur-face: fading with the year of the 200year-celebrities back to the death-mask

Weihnachtsausstellung – Verkaufsausstellung
Eduard „Shugle“ Hois
Erwin Moravitz
Petra Neulinger
Andreas Rosenender
Franz Vana
Franz Wieser
4.12.2009 19.00 (opening) – 20.12.2009

PARKSTR. 13 TEL+FAX 02172/20123

Öffnungszeiten: Donnerstag-Sonntag und Feiertag
13.00 – 18.00 o. nach tel. Vereinbarung

Andreas Roseneder  burning patches poliethylen masterBatches  2009

today´s press conference concerning matters on the ESSL ART AWARD CEE 09 at the Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg next Vienna, I thought to be useful to ask the owners & art collectors Agnes & Karlheinz Essl some questions about their future plans in commuting between business´& art´s world –  actually the founders of the Essl Museum have started the ceremonies of the 10th year jubelee.

I found the future in the  presence of some nominees & pricewinners of the award – “the VERY young artists”, as curator René Block in his introducing speach layed particular emphasis on – & the guided visit through the exhibition hall with their presentations opened a view into the world of young artists living & working in Central & Eastern Europe.

Karlheinz Essl, Barbara Hagen-Grötschnig (Vienna Insurance Group), Agnes Essl & René Block (curator)

“that´s my child”,  designated Agnes Essl the Essl Art Award CEE, and  “…  I wish you with all of my heart the best for the future to develop your carreers …” she gave the young artists along their way.

living next Sopron/Ödenburg I found myself next the “hungarian table” – Zoltan Pintér, Diána Keller & Viola Fátyol – neighbours as in real life

the hall of the exhibition

Uroš Potocnik, Slovenia with details of his huge painting Veranda 1:1,  “just ordinary things out of our daily Slovenian living”, he commented his work taciturn

those beloved, very close videoinstallation by Lenka Cisárová, Bratislava, Slovakia

not the words but the gestures of  Jan Pfeiffer from Prague, Czech Republic, gave me imediately entrance into his work titeled  After the First – New York, Berlin, Prague or From – & musician Karlheinz Essl jr. obviously too

From, installation, detail

Diána Keller, Budapest, Hungary, with Still life, a video still of roses losing drop by drop their colours

Matej Sitar from Ljubljana, Slovenia, invites in perfect German into his seperate exhibition rooms

Fairy Tales (net presentation soon): Der Ursprung des Kunstwerkes (after Heidegger)

Marusa Sustar from Slovenia inspires somebody with Overview : NY

in conversation between Selfsystem 4.3., a video still by Zóltan Pintér

she made the audience laugh: Tihana Mandušić from Split, Croatia, with her videoinstallatin 3:10 to Yuma

Livio Rajh from Zagreb, Croatia, seeks interaction between visitor & artist with his work Schulz Naumann Monet (24 Hour Artwork)

Matija Brumen, Ljubljana, Slovenia, refers about his nightobjects

Viola Fátyol from Budapest, Hungary, shows her subtile photo Mutation

the most open room for one of the most intimate installation:

Petra Malá, living in Prague (CZ) & Lethbridge (CDN)  builds a bridge across three generations of her family with the photoseries  And She Said She Was Looking

colleagues from Prague meet at Klosterneuburg

Anna Hulacová from Prague, too: she wants to create a new view of esthetic by using food in her work, here with “Kamasutra eggs” as I nicknamed them

in Maxim Liulca´s (Cluj, Romania) paintings on themes concerning mass rallies I found intonated Gerhard Richter´s world

Lucia Stránaiová from Bratislava, Slovakia with an intimate photoseries again: Grand Parents

“I have not slept for 40 hours”, Dávid Adamkó from Hungary excuses the stage of construction at his place: he still works on the installation  Liberty and Love / Szabadság, szerelem / Sloboda, láskal. “It will be finished soon”, he grins. – the scenery has a touch of “happening”

Jozef Poník from Presov, Slovakia with one of the few paintings of the exhibition: big woman

videostill from the installation  I by Ivana Juric, Zagreb, Croatia

Violeta Ionita from Foncsani, Romania wants sencerity & honesty in her appearing to the public: & she really began to cry telling about her private experiences in front of her installation

Message, video still

at the end of the presentation Mrs. Agnes Essl welcomes the young artists with flying shawl to layed tables for lunch

Prof. Agnes Essl:

„Das Bestreben, junge Künstlerinnen und Künstler aus Zentral- und Südosteuropa zu fördern und ihnen die Möglichkeit zu geben, in einem internationalen, musealen Kontext auszustellen, führte uns zu der Idee, mit der Unterstützung von bauMax einen Kunstpreis auszuschreiben, der alle zwei Jahre verliehen wird.”

some artists (as Katarina Poliaciková, Slovakia & Michele Bressan, Christina Vladu, both Romania) & most works are missing here: some artists could not come to the award or I did not recognize somebody´work  during the long round through the exhibition hall , but you may take a look at your own:

ESSL MUSEUM – Kunst der Gegenwart

An der Donau-Au 1
3400 Klosterneuburg

04.12.09 – 17.01.10, Ausstellungshalle
Projektleitung und Ausstellungsorganisation: Daniela Balogh, Silvia Köpf

Daniel Richter, current exhibition

René Desor for PANNOrama

following photos about the first preparations for the Christmas-exhibition at Infeld-House of Culture, Halbturn, Burgenland, Austria, I am invited to participate together with 5 other artists from the region

the unloaded Georgia O´Keeffe patch

curator Prof. Gerhard Kisser engaged with Moravitz´painted canvases

artist Erwin Moravitz in front of works by Franz Vana

artist Eduard Shugle Hois with “erregte Kongomilch / exited Congomilk” by Franz Vana

how to place them? – these subdued works by Moravitz:

Erwin Moravitz

two huge watercolors I painted 1991 & 2002 on Canson-paper,  laminated on canvas

the long one will be placed for the exhibition slanting from the  bottom to the ceiling of  the entrance room of Infeld House

artist Petra Neulinger appears

then finally Gerhard Kisser´s assistant Julie Küster arriving from Frankfurt

helping to unpack Petra Neulinger´s works

Eduard Shugle Hois places his leather-patchworks

more about the opening: exited Congomilk II

Weihnachtsausstellung – Verkaufsausstellung
Eduard „Shugle“ Hois
Erwin Moravitz
Petra Neulinger
Andreas Rosenender
Franz Vana
Franz Wieser
4.12.2009 19.00 (opening) – 20.12.2009

PARKSTR. 13 TEL+FAX 02172/20123

Öffnungszeiten: Donnerstag-Sonntag und Feiertag
13.00 – 18.00 o. nach tel. Vereinbarung