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Daily Archives: October 23rd, 2009


Andreas Roseneder   Die Flucht des Asozialen /Flight of the Anti-Social oil on canvas 60×120 cm, 2002

A traditional oilpainting I realized 2002 (!) as a paraphrase on Gottfried Kumpf´s  trade-marked idolon “Der Asoziale / The Anti-Social” –  The artist´s trade-mark sets out his travel,  leaves the scene with a walking-stick,  stepping over the slippery frozen surface of a lake, the burning surroundings of  the lake´s reed-shore enlightened by a blue icy sun.

Last month I had the chance to meet the artist at Vienna in the course of an interview for the magazine PANNOrama: he has left 3 years ago his old house near the shore of the lake Neusiedl where he lived for more than 40 years  & has found now for him & his idolon a refuge in the city of Austrian´s capital. – to see my recent post about that story & his actual work just scroll down or click: Der Kumpf (sorry to say it is written in German).