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Daily Archives: August 1st, 2009

150px-Flag_of_the_Free_State_of_Ikaria.svg37° 35′ 0″ N, 26° 10′ 0″ E

spending last two weeks vacation in Faros on Icaria – one of the Greek islands in Northern Aegean Sea – I was asked by Niki Kastanis who runs the tavern bar fos fanari on the longest beach of the island to finish with mason Costa two of prepared brick-layed plant pots next the side step of the bar´s terrace. – I already had collected with my son a lot of pattered stones out of the sea-shore, first interested in the patterns itself, then more inspired stone by stone to imagine shields and limbs of turtles. Every day swimming the beach along I imagined to meet one real living careta careta – a  loggerhead seaturtle –  once, several years ago, I was lucky to meet one careta near the Greek island Zakynthos  and did synchron movements in the sea with the turtle – an experience outa space! – I did not meet one in the water this time. But SHE came out of the water & tried three times to dig a pit for her eggs next the house I slept – unfortunately the stony ground under the sand or my & others precence I called – stopped her attempts. she crawled back over the gravel  into the sea. The astonished natives told me they had never sawn a turtle on their beach.  –  “You brought the spirit of the turtle to the beach”, Niki said exited & pleased.